“of course,I will。”Maybe talk about his own sharp edge,Is more in line with Kobe’s age。

“In addition,MAGIC。I have to tell you,I saw Barbie and high heels in Little Irwin’s room。”
“???”The magician looked dumbfounded。
Chapter 70—Houston’s Revenge
“Welcome everyone to watch byAccess SportsNetBringing everyone a live broadcast of the National Basketball Association,Lakers vs. Hughes Pier,I am gail-Goodrich。”
“I am James Worthy。”
“James,long time no see,What is life like after retirement?”
“You know,Married and divorced,Be an analyst,I think it’s interesting not to play。”Worthy Gang and Angela this year·Wilder Divorce。
“of course,Compete with the best people in the world in the professional arena,This is the most interesting。”Goodrich Smack,As if recalling the glorious years spent with West。
“Nothing else,The combination of Kobe and O’Neal reminds me ofSHOWTIME,But theirSHOWTIMEOne missingME!”
“This is also,I don’t know if Horry, which was exchanged for Ceballos, can replace you?”
“Can replace30%,He is not even a starter。”
“Hahahaha,James, you are so frank。But I feel more than30%,Let’s wait and see。”
“With Kobe’s return,The starting lineup for the Lakers this game isPGKobe BryantSGEddie JonesSFBruce BowenPFEldon-CampbellCShaquille-O’Neill。”
“The Lakers lineup is very good,They have the amazing kid Kobe,And O’Neill’s offensive deterrence,At the same time has a sharp outside blockade group。Few perimeter players can perform well on the Lakers。”