“Can’t,”Staff shaking head,“from now on,All residents in this building cannot leave,No one can be an exception。”

Jiang Li will say more,Liu Qing sighed:“forget it,We can’t embarrass these front-line workers,Follow the rules。”
Chapter Four Seventy Four Embarrassment
Jiang Li is tragic。
When Liu Qing persuaded her to obey the rules in front of the staff,She even thought of catching the face of this old man。
——You are willing to cooperate,I’m not willing!
——You can live with a beautiful woman like a flower,I live with an old and ugly man!
but,She knows she can’t do this。
She knew even after Liu Qing spoke,She has no room for bargaining with the staff。
I have already expressed my willingness to cooperate,She’ll talk about this and that,That seems too unreasonable。
Can only accept this fact。
Both were pulled into a WeChat group。
Their names are all registered,The body temperature is also registered on it。
The body temperature is not abnormal。
The staff also gave them a bottle of hand sanitizer,Let them hurry up and wash their hands。
At this sensitive time,There is nothing wrong with being careful。