Brainstorming helps you get rid of lazy beds

Brainstorming helps you get rid of lazy beds

First, the main point is to break the neck and neck in the front, and switch the sleeping body to an active state.

Because the muscles during sleep are loose, the body is particularly soft when you wake up, but the back is oppressed during sleep, so the neighbors are stiff.

However, the central nerves of the active body are on the neck and back. If the ends are not loosened and the blood circulation is improved, it is difficult for the active nerves of the body to wake up.

Moreover, the nerves extend from the vertebrae to the whole body, and the exit is oppressed, of course, the physical activity of the body will be deteriorated.

At this time, you can do side axial movement in bed, and it will come in handy immediately.

Contracting abdominal muscles, promoting blood circulation, and breathing, inhaling a large amount of oxygen, can prepare the body for activities.

  Second, rapid breathing is divided into unconscious breathing and conscious breathing. Applying conscious breathing to control the autonomic nerve, like exercise, consciously speeding up the rhythm of breathing will gradually speed up the heartbeat and let the body enter the state of activity.

  Third, let the body gradually wake up after the whole body contraction can make the muscles wake up.

Fracture gymnastics can also soften tendons, ligaments, joints, and the active nervous system.

There are nerve cells in the muscle. If the muscle is not expanded, the nerve transmission will be slow.

Especially during sleep, the body maintains the same posture for a long time, so the contraction of the whole body is very necessary.