Hu Fan hurriedly pleased with a smile。

“Act according to law?!You have no evidence to act according to the law,No search warrant and arrest warrant,So I caught Xiao Mo?!”
Yuan Jinshu frowned and said coldly,There was a clear sullen in his tone。
Yuan He looked green and white when he heard this,Dare not speak,Actually he told Chu Fan to do this。
Hu Fan glanced at Yuan He,Also guessed what happened,Laughed at Yuan Jinshu with a smile:“Yuan Lao,Let’s go upstairs and talk about something slowly,We apologize to you,Guarantee to give you a satisfactory explanation!”
“No need,I’m fine sitting here!”
Yuan Jinshu waved his hand lightly,Leaned back on the iron interrogation chair。
Hu Fan and Yuan He changed their faces at the same time,I know that Yuan Yuan is embarrassing them on purpose,Suddenly panicked。
Especially Yuan He,His face was pale at this time,Cold sweat on the forehead,After all, Old Yuan was caught by his stupid man,If the National Committee investigates,,Hold accountable,He definitely bears the brunt,Thus,After Hu Fan abdicated, the promotion to the director will be completely obscure.!
“Yuan Lao,I will apologize to you again,The people below are reckless,Hit your old,Your boss doesn’t remember the villain’s past,Just spare them this time,do not worry,I will punish them severely when I look back!”
Yuan He hurriedly bowed and said flatteringly,My regretful intestines are green,I knew it was the result,Just kill him,He wouldn’t send someone to Mo Xiaosheng’s medical clinic to arrest that Yueren Wang!
Good now,Mo Xiaosheng didn’t fix it,On the contrary, I almost played myself to death!