Peng Changyi said:“Director Hou informed me just now,Go to the party school for training next Monday。”

Wang Jiadong didn’t look up,Just hum。
“Work appraisal for that half year?”
“Proceed as usual。”The minister still didn’t look up。
Peng Changyi has nothing to say。In other words,Work still,Training too。Peng Changyi is about to leave,The minister said:“Not enough staff。”
Peng Changyi turned around,I found that Minister Wang was still looking down at the table,He walked a few steps and said:“I heard that some places in the south have set up assessment offices。”
“They have someone,We are short of cadres now。”The minister was not surprised by the news he provided。“Conditions are ripe in the future,We can also set up an assessment office。Before it was established,What are you supposed to do。”
Peng Changyi felt that it was a stupid practice to tell the minister about this new thing.,It will give the minister the illusion that he feels that his work is under pressure。
Ugh,No matter how close you are to the leader,Even if you’re close as a family,Don’t think of yourself as an outsider。Don’t be self-righteous,Smart。Things you know,Leader knows,things you do not know,Leaders also know。Sometimes he can pretend to be blind、Pretending to be deaf or even dumb,but,If you really treat them as blind、Deaf or even dumb is a big mistake!
Lenin said:political,Is a science,Is an art。In Peng Changyi’s view,Get along with the leader,More of a science,An art,And this science and art is much higher than you get along with your colleagues。
Do not know why,From inspection list to notification of gold、Yao Bin came to the Organization Department,Peng Changyi seems to be aware that there will be some changes in the political circles of Kangzhou。of course,Change every year,But he feels it seems to have come earlier this year。It may also be the reason for the change of term,It may also be the cause of Beicheng。
Peng Changyi likes to speculate about changes in the current situation in his heart,And like to judge based on some phenomena,He is actually consciously developing his ability to observe and judge the current situation,He always thought,Mix in officialdom,This kind of political sensitivity must have。
Qian Shouwang has arrived,He picked up the thermos and said:“Why is Xiaoding coming down so late recently??”
Peng Changyi frowned,He wants to say whoever stipulates that the water must be beaten?But he always leaves room for the other party,Because he knows that in the officialdom,Leave room for the other person when talking,Is to leave room for myself。Just say:“Girls have a lot of things in the morning,I have been drinking water for several days。”
Old money,Just don’t say anything,Head down to fetch water。