In the case of Aman Sur’s consciousness disappearing in the entire universe,The power of time under the protection of the Great Ward of Azeroth,Almost equivalent to the last clone of Aman Sur。

The bronze dragon is never the master of time,They are just caregivers of the flow of time。
Nozdormu did not reveal to his children,The power of time is the power of Aman Sur,The flow of time is Aman Sur itself。
“I gave Carlos the identification code of the gate……”
Medivh has never blamed himself so much。
With the explosion of the well of eternity,After the Great Enchantment of Azeroth loses its energy supply,Already shaky,Luna also lost the ability to directly interfere with Azeroth。
However this is not important,The important thing is Vinylon’s spacecraft。
The Exodar falls on Azeroth,Will be the last bullet to completely destroy the Great Enchantment of Azeroth。
original,Medivh tried his best to prepare to destroy the Great Ward of Azeroth,I want to use the power gained in the astral world for three thousand years to protect my hometown,Wipe away the shadow of the Burning Legion from Azeroth,He is for“protector”’S obsession has never changed,He wants to tell his mother,The name Medivh is not insulting“protector”Prestige。
But when the power of Aman Sur echoed,The soul memory from Sargeras slapped Medivh hard。
Look,What does this person look like。
The worst thing is,Medivh can’t get out。
Or he can’t go out。
After absorbing the power of Aman Sur,The astral mage has already touched the boundary of the gods。
Medivh is stronger than ever at this moment,He even felt like he could face Archimonde and kill him。