“What kind of shit did the grandson give??”

Hu Lai deeply understoodU22Everyone on this“Tortoise grandson”How annoying it is——I don’t even know what he said and did.,Just scolded……
“Korean media:Park Guixian said Guan Xinyan’s absence has no impact on the Korean team。”Gao Ruimin read aloud。
“More than。”Another teammate who also connected to the Internet early said,“Some media asked him whether Guan Xinyan’s absence meant that the Chinese team underestimated the enemy,As a result, he said that the Chinese team is not qualified to underestimate the enemy……This bastard!Even if it makes sense,But shouldn’t say it from his mouth!”
“This thief is too crazy!”
While disembarking and waiting for checked baggage,The team members also gathered to discuss Park Guixian。
What he said in an interview with a Korean reporter,Has quickly spread to the Chinese domestic network,And caused a big controversy on the Chinese Internet。
Just like the trophy event four years ago,Some people scold Park Guixian for being arrogant and arrogant,Some people also said that they are telling the truth,Since it is a fact,What’s wrong?Without a main shooter,Who is the blame?
to be honest,As Sun Gang said,Weak competitive sports is the original sin。You are weak,Then even if you are humiliated,Some people think you are humiliated。
There are also some fans out of dissatisfaction with the candidates for this training session of the Olympic team,Or put it bluntly,Because of Guan Xinyan’s failure to be selectedU22Dissatisfaction,And I think what Park Guixian said makes sense,To think that the Chinese Olympic team was humiliated by opponents is also self-inflicted,What’s so angry?
Is weaker than the opponent,Also the top scorer in the team、The stars are not recruited,What does Shi Wuyin want to do as the head coach?
What Park Guixian said is right,Does the current Chinese team have the qualifications to underestimate the enemy??
Noisy on the Internet is in full swing,In front of the luggage carousel at Seoul Incheon Airport,The team leader, Ran Jiachang, said with a serious face to all the players of the National Olympic team.:“When I took my luggage and went out,Face reporter,Whether it’s Korean or our domestic,No one is allowed to answer questions,Don’t say a word。what’s the matter,Let Shi and I deal with it,Did you hear me!”
Obviously worried about the players being irritated by Park Guixian,To be deliberately provoked by reporters,Head fever and say something that shouldn’t be said。
“heard it!”
Everyone answered like this,But it can be seen that many people are still very unconvinced。
So Ran Jiachang added another sentence:“If anyone is talking nonsense,Disqualify!I’m talking ugly ahead,Don’t blame me for being rude then!Football things football solutions,Don’t learn from others,Otherwise, what is the difference between you and that Park Guixian?”
I heard the leader say that,Everyone has reduced their anger,Waiting silently for baggage claim one by one。
And Ran Jiachang and head coach Shi Wuyin looked at each other.,I have seen the helplessness in the other’s eyes。