Yandi nodded,Tao:“Thanks teacher Huang,You don’t know I’ve always wanted to eat these three dishes,Sometimes my mother often makes it for me,But grown up,Got a job,Often busy not going home,Seldom eaten。”</p>

Huang Lei nodded,Tao:“Have a taste。”</p>
“it is good。”Jan Didao,A short while,He put down his chopsticks and exclaimed:“Teacher Huang,You really,The cooking is great,This is almost the same taste as my mother made。”</p>
Teacher He smiled:“Eat more if it tastes delicious,No one will rob you。”</p>
This sentence sounds warm,Very caring。A smile appeared on Yangdi’s mouth,However, He Jia’s next sentence,Make him choke。</p>
I heard Teacher He continue:“Satiated,It’s time to work。”</p>
Yangdi’s face was so wonderful for a moment,Su Luo smiled:“Digo,Does it hurt your heart?。”</p>
Yang Di put down the tableware,Pretending to be very angry,Accuse some Rao:“Really,Actually, what Teacher He said was very heartwarming,I was moved,The sentence after the result,Eat and drink,What the hell is good work?”</p>
Look at him like that,Teacher He just laughed,And the fan audience in the live broadcast room,They are eating,Sprinkle rice without thinking。</p>
Su Luo almost squirted out,Fortunately, he held it back in time,Holding a smile,Yangdi is a variety talent。</p>
Stalk,One by one,Huang Leidao:“All right,Let’s eat,Don’t eat anymore,The taste changes。”</p>
Teacher He and Su Luo both nodded,Their conversation,The amount of food on the table is directly reduced by half。</p>
Yangdi also picked up chopsticks,Is preparing to enjoy his sizzling milk tofu,But suddenly saw a big spoon coming,Directly less than half。</p>
He was stunned,Look down the spoon,Peng Peng,I don’t know where he got the spoon in my hand。</p>