And Huang Lei is a little confused,He doesn’t seem to have any powerful martial arts,As the leader of the martial arts at this time,Does it mean that more troubles will appear next to him,But he doesn’t even have the ability to protect himself,This in itself is a bad thing,In Huang Lei’s opinion, such a thing shouldn’t exist anyway,This is one of the flaws,He wants the chick to change places as soon as possible。

In the game, Huang Lei cannot directly contact them,Unless the chick, they are watching his every move in front of the game console,If Huang Lei wants to come, they can’t be a day24Staring at him。
This group of guys are working on a big project recently,That is to expand the acquired game company,To become more powerful,At this time they need to do more work,More things besides audio,Various technicians have to go to other game companies to dig corners,Including the maintenance of the company also takes a certain amount of time,And chick,Some time ago, I told him that the company was attacked by hackers.,This in itself is an extremely bad thing,There are many situations they face now,There are many crises that are about to be faced,At this time, where is the time to take care of Huang Lei’s affairs?,The little girl said at the time,If something happens they will appear from time to time,You can naturally help Huang Lei at this time,Who knows how long the timing represents?Anyway, Huang Lei feels the situation is worse now,Not optimistic。
Of course the only thing I can do now is to wait。
I don’t know how long to wait,I don’t know what to do,Anyway, Huang Lei should let himself be honest in the past few days.,Lest there be other problems in this matter,It’s not a good thing。
Middle-aged people seem to be,I gave a heavy breath,Huang Lei said,He won’t do something indifferent,Will be quiet at this time。
Despite this,He still showed peculiar caution and caution and was also staring at Huang Lei’s every move,I’m afraid Huang Lei can’t even think about it at this time and walks outside,The current situation is very complicated,The bunch of people outside are dealing with Huang Lei,He became the leader of the martial arts,This position is not a good position,The capable,As long as you have enough ability to solve this leader,And then replaced it. That’s why so many people suddenly attacked him,Of course,Except for the position of this martial arts leader, it is very hot,There is another reason,Just,Huang Lei is too young。
In the eyes of everyone, Kaimai is currently the youngest martial arts leader,It looks unremarkable,But such a person is the leader of all the people in the arena,Martial artist,Is there a few people who can convince him?
Chapter Three Hundred and Nineteen Can’t stay
So there is one scene after another,The more people provoked the martial arts leader,All tried to defeat him at this time,Then replace him。
So far, no one is close to Huang Lei. Most of them are solved by middle-aged people or other guards lying on the four sides.,There are no other problems。
But this situation must not last long,More and more people appeared around,Some knocked on the door to prepare for the challenge,This situation will only make things worse,Over time,Will only be out of control。
Middle-aged people think of this,Frowning slightly,I thought he should do something at this time,But what can he do now?The current situation is not optimistic at all,Huang Lei became the leader of the martial arts,result,So many things happened。
It’s unrealistic to want to leave at this time,There are already so many people waiting for this,This also means that at this time they can’t run away alone,Must pay for this,Because of this, middle-aged people have a headache,Besides restricting Huang Lei’s freedom,He has to find a way to drive away all the guys outside,Otherwise, the more people accumulate,I’m afraid that no one will be able to face this situation,The so-called alliance master will become more passive and worse at this time,Things will naturally become different at this time,In order to avoid this series of things,Still need to be more cautious and careful,Still need to think of a way on this matter,Make it simple as soon as possible。