He thinks this house is too small,There is no room left,Severely restricted him from expanding his harem。

Buying a house,He thinks it should be on the agenda。
《Xiao Lian’s Growth Diary》Brought him tens of millions of income,Plus Shan Rou’s promised 100 million information fee,That is more than 100 million funds。
Buy a villa,There is no problem。
Don’t think about the most high-end kind,Money is still not enough,But it can be considered。
He contacted Shan Rou on WeChat,Let Shan Rou help herself ask if anyone in the Pearl Garden wants to sell the villa,If there is,If the price is not too outrageous,Can consider buying one。
Very outrageous,Refers to the nine-digit price。
The prices of villas in Pearl Garden are high and low,The expensive one is Gu Mu’s,It was worth 130 million when I bought it two or three years ago。
Some of the cheaper ones were sold at 60 to 70 million in the past two years.。
Fang Hao can still accept the eight-digit price,Nine-figure price,He felt that for now, don’t consider。
I have it now9Digit deposit,But take it all out to buy a house,Still have some reluctance。
Who knows what will happen in the future?
Maybe one day his messy private life will be exposed,Then there is no way to cut the leeks,Then there is no source of income。