Because of the popularity of this game,The home audience began to scream。

Curry is a little embarrassed,After all, this was their first move。
Xu Xuan doesn’t matter,That guy Green is a messenger,Curry is a good baby。
After Green,Corso Sexual Change Strategy,Go straight to Iguodala and Livingston,Pachulia was also removed。
“Death Five”Start early!
And the Lakers,Frank·Vogel also began to change,Randall,Up to Barnes。
Barnes was once the Warriors“Death Five”A member of,Now use him to fight,Just right!
Regroup,What makes Lakers fans the most happy,Xu Xuan really has no big problems,When he was pulled down, he fell on his back,Basically no injuries。
The two teams finished in the first quarter30ratio34,Lakers lead4Minute。
Not low score,All on30Up。
Section Two,Both sides replaced。
I didn’t have time just now“battlefield”Yang Shaoxia and Lu Wei are suffocated,I want to take away the opponent with a wave,The result was blown by Iguodala。
Brother Yi has already32Years old,But thanks to the perennial regimen,The state is still very good。