“I must act with you this time。”

Yang Shiyun said to Qin Liang firmly……
The new team was quickly formed,There are eight people:Qin Liang,Yang Shiyun,Swallow,Yang Zhi,Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue,Plus two masters who are only responsible for opening the manhole cover in the hydropower department。
“Poetry cloud,Get us some gas bombs,Things like glare bullets。”
Before the operation,Qin Liang demanded。
For the police,These things can be prepared in minutes,then,Qin Liang took these people,Started!
One manhole cover was opened one after another,Qin Liangxian chose,Is a well laid on the bright surface,This is called easy first and then difficult,But everyone knows:These wells that can be seen at a glance,More than half of them won’t be rewarding,Even if the murderer is really hiding in the well,He will also choose to hide in an inconspicuous,In the well that is not easy to be seen。
The action continues,The police and dragon soul fighters who did not directly participate in the operation,Watching Qin Liang’s every move nervously……
“The next manhole cover is on the grass behind the distribution room over there。”
Chapter three thousand and seventy six I went straight to collect the body
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Chapter three thousand and seventy six I went straight to collect the body
A master worker who is usually responsible for managing the hydropower department of this residential community said。
“it is good,Open it next,Thank you two masters。”