Netflix films were nominated for the Golden Globe Award with 17 nominations, and Marriage Story won 6 nominations

Netflix films were nominated for the Golden Globe Award with 17 nominations, and “Marriage Story” won 6 nominations
On December 9, the 77th American Film and Television Golden Globe Awards announced the nomination list for the film category. In terms of film companies, Netflix produced 17 nominations for films, Sony has 8 nominations, and Disney and Warner have 6 nominations.In terms of specific film distribution, “Marriage Story” won the most six nominations, but missed the best director.”Irish” “Hollywood” received 5 nominations, “Clown” followed by 4 nominations, “1917” “parasite” “Rocket Man” won 3 nominations.”Marriage Story”.The picture comes from the network in the performance demonstration, Joaquin Phoenix in “The Clown”, Christian Bell in “Speed King”, Antonio Banderas in “Pain and Glory”, and “Marriage Story”Adam Dreyfu and others will compete for the best actor in a feature film; Saoirse Ronan (“Little Woman”), Charlize Theron (“Breaking News”), Renee Zweig (“”Judy”), Scarlett Johansson (“Marriage Story”) and others will compete for the best actress in a feature film.In addition, “Frozen 2”, “Lion King”, “Lost Alternative”, “Toy Story 4”, “Dragon Master 3” compete for the best animation, and the best foreign language nominations include “Don’t Tell Her” “Pain andGlory, Parasite, Miserable World, and Portrait of the Burning Woman.It is reported that the 77th American Film and Television Golden Globe Awards were presented on January 5, 2020.Golden Globe Awards nomination list: Best film in the drama category: “Irish”, “1917”, “Clown”, “Marriage Story”, “The Pope’s Succession”, best film in the musical comedy category: “Hollywood”, “Rocket Man”My name is Domet, “Jojo Rabbit”, “Blade Blade” Best Director: “Irish” Martin Scorsese “Parasite” Feng Junhao “1917” Sam Mendes “Hollywood”Quentin Tarantino “The Clown” Todd Phillips Best Actor in a Drama Movie: Joaquin Phoenix “The Clown” Jonathan Press “The Pope’s Succession” Christian Bell “Speed King”Antonio Banderas “Pain and Glory” Adam Dreyfu “Marriage Story” Drama Movie Type Best Actress: Saoirse Ronan “Little Woman” Charlize Theron “Breaking News” Renee· Ziweige “Judy” Cynthia Elford “Harriet” Scarlett Johansson “Marriage Story” Best Actor in a Musical Comedy Film: Tarren Eggton “Rocket Man” Eddie MooreFei “My Name is Domet” Daniel Craig “Sharp Blade” Roman Griffon Davis “Jojo Rabbit” Leonardo DiCaprio “Hollywood” Musical Comedy MoviesBest Actress: Emma Thompson, “Late Night Show”, Kate Blanchett, “Where did you go Bernardette”, Okafina, “Don’t Tell Her,” Anna de Armas, “The Blade Sheathed”Best Supporting Actor in Binni Feldstein’s “The Talented”: Tom Hanks, “A Good Day in the Neighborhood”, Anthony Hopkins, “The Succession of the Pope”, Al Pacino, “The Irishman”West “Irish” Brad Pitt “Hollywood Past” Best Supporting Actress: Annette Bening “Torture Report” Margot Robbie “Breaking News” Jennifer Lopez “Dancing Girl Thief” KayWest Bates, “Lamentation of Richard Javier,” Laura Dunn, Best Foreign Language Film in “Marriage Story”: “Don’t Tell Her,” “Pain and Glory,” “Parasitics,” “Miserable World,” and “The Burning Woman’s.”Portrait: Best Animation: “Frozen 2”, “The Lion King”, “Lost Transfer”, “Toy Story 4”, “Dragon Master 3” Best Script: “Irish” “Marriage Story” “Parasitics” “TeachZong’s Inheritance, “Hollywood Past” Best Soundtrack: “1917”, “Marriage Story”, “Brooklyn Orphans”, “Little Woman”, “Clown” Best Song: Stand Up, “Harriet” Beautiful Ghosts “Cat” I ‘m will love me again “Rocket Man” into the unknown “Frozen 2” spirit “Lion King” sauna, Ye Wang Teng Chao editor Xu Meilin proofread Zhang Yanjun