Cristiano Ronaldo shoots Bell in 2 minutes and 2 goals Real Madrid 5-0 win over Atletico Barcelona _1

Cristiano Ronaldo shoots Bell in 2 minutes and 2 goals Real Madrid 5-0 win over Atletico Barcelona
At 5:00 a.m. Beijing time on March 30 (22:00 local time on the 29th local time), the 31st round of the La Liga 2013-14 season started a competition at the Bernabeu Stadium, and Real Madrid faced Vallecano at home.Bell assisted Ronaldo in the first half to open the record; Ronaldo assisted Carvajal in the second half to expand his lead, Bell scored two goals in two minutes, Morata added icing on the cake, Real Madrid defeated Vallecano 5-0 and continued to rankThird place in the league.  Real Madrid and Vallecano faced 29 times in the history of La Liga. The Galaxy Battleship had 22 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses.The last 10 matches between the two sides, Real Madrid won.The last encounter between the two teams was the 12th round of La Liga this season. Real Madrid beat their opponents 3-2 away. C Romeo scored twice and Benzema scored 1 goal.In this game, Ramos and Di Maria lifted the ban and come back, Coentran and Ilya Lamendi rotated Marcelo and Modric respectively, and Ronaldo, Bell, and Benzema continued to partner the striker.>>>C Luo Tuo 3 people broke the two records to declare war Messi     this game, Ancelotti did not dare to rush to rotate, as expected, C Ronaldo played with injuries.The Portuguese scored in the opening 15 minutes. Bell scored a cross and Ronaldo quickly plugged in from among the 3 defenders of Vallecano and shot a low shot through Luvin’s ten fingers.Cristiano Ronaldo scored 10 consecutive games (Real Madrid + Portugal) and continued to set a personal longest goal record.Since joining Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo has “opened cans” in La Liga 40 times, which is higher than Messi’s 38 times in the same period, ranking first in La Liga.  In the 55th minute, Real Madrid expanded their lead. Bell passed from the right and Ronaldo made a selfless back pass. Carvajal shot with a left foot at 12 meters and broke the goal, 2-0!Carvajal scored his first goal in Real Madrid. His last goal was scored when he represented Leverkusen in November 2012.>>> Bison Bell!After 9 seconds and a 65-meter scoring goal, Ronaldo and Carvajal scored, and Bell also opened the goal account.In the 68th minute, Real Madrid continued to pass the ball on the left, Cristiano Ronaldo passed Di Maria, and the Argentine made a cross from the left side of the penalty area. Bell beat the horse and rushed to a close shot. The time was fixed at 67:07; 2:40Seconds later, Bell broke the goal again. This is a display of perfect personal ability: Vallecano’s corner was cleared by Pepe’s header. Bell sprinted from the backcourt, and after a crazy attack, his left foot pushed and scored.160 seconds scored twice, and Bell let the Bernabeu atmosphere culminate.  Real Madrid scored another goal in the 77th minute, Isco crossed, Morata took a free kick from the right foot at the left rib 18 meters from the penalty area, the ball went into the upper right corner, 5-0!>>> Ronaldo is booed!Berian was also attacked after losing consecutively to Barcelona and Sevilla, Real Madrid finally defeated Madrid’s younger brother Vallecano 5-0 at home.But the big score win did not satisfy the home fans.This time, Ancelotti, Diego Lopez, and even Ronaldo were booed!”Marca” said that the “Meilingers (Real Madrid fans)” mood is not good, it is obviously the impact of a losing streak.”National News” also said that before the Champions League, Real Madrid fans boo C Ronaldo, Bell, Ancelotti, it seems not a good thing.Real Madrid needs to rebound and needs the support of fans.Mourinho led the team last season, can boos play a positive role?This even disappointed Cassie, accelerated Kaka’s defection, and once made Ronaldo sad.This time the boos again pointed to Ronaldo. The Portuguese superstars were booed during and after the game.Some people are dissatisfied: “Have you ever heard Barcelona fans boo Messi?”>>>安帅:难理解球迷为何嘘C罗  赛后,安切洛蒂表示对球迷嘘C罗感到费解,“过去我说过很多次,我很理解球迷的嘘声,因为我们表现不Deserve it.Now we are trying very hard to change. We lost to Barcelona and Sevilla. We did not perform well, but this time the fans booed Ronaldo, which makes people feel incredible.Hush Diego Lopez?I believe that he will focus on his work and will not be affected.”Real Madrid (4231): 25-Diego Lopez/15-Carvajal, 4-Ramos, 3-Pepe, 5-Coentran/24-Ilia Ramendi (62’23-Isco), 14-Alonso, 22-Di Maria/11-Bell, 9-Benzema (73’21-Morata), 7-C Robalecano (451): 13-RuVin Martinez/15-Lat, 40-Lopez, 18-Ze Castro, 21-Aberia/24-Falke, 16-Rochena (25’9-Jose-Carlos), 10-Trasolas, 22-Iguz, 23-Bueno (60’19-Vila)/20-Larivi (70’12-Longo)