Shen Chen is also very busy this time,And as Fang Hao’s eyeliner here,Location is very important。

Fang Hao also gave her a higher reward。
Fang Hao is in a good mood this time。
Decision to donate masks,It was really painful at the time,But later facts proved that his decision was very correct,Didn’t bring him any loss,Instead, it brought him huge benefits。
Raising prices during the epidemic can indeed sell,There is no need to worry about sales。
but,If the price is raised too high,Make money,It’s not just that his traffic career was ruined,I will even face liquidation in the future。
It’s not just one or two shops that were checked for taking the opportunity to increase prices significantly.。
That is tantamount to ruining his future。
And donated those masks,His future is bright。
Even if there are some problems with personal morality in the future, I get caught,Not to have too much impact on his image。
A good mood,Spend the money naturally。
After those people get rewards,To express his sincere gratitude,Also made him feel very fulfilled。
For Shen Chen,Fang Hao still has some expectations,When two people talk in private,He told Shen Chen: