Zou Zijie smiled,Said:“All thanks to the mayor,Without the support you gave me when you were in Kangzhou,I’m afraid it will take a few years to reach my current level。”

Jiang Fan said:“without me,You still enter a well-off life ahead of time。Because of your strength。I saw a talk show about you on CCTV the other day。”
Zou Zijie said:“that’s not me,Interviewed the teacher,I’m so touched by the teacher。”Finished,He is smiling,Scratching the top of his head with few hairs。
Jiang Fan looked at him,Said:“Why don’t you have a few hairs on top of your head??Is it too tired。”
Zou Zijie said:“I do not know,Especially these two years,Seeing hair fall,Fewer and fewer。Maybe the reason for staying up all night。”
“Why always stay up late?”
“I have to go to work during the day,Only have time to write materials at night。I sent it for review last year6Varieties,After four,That kind of text material and picture material must have two fingers thick。All work overtime at night。No time during the day。”
Jiang Fan appreciates Zou Zijie’s dedication,This middle-aged man with a shy smile,In his corn kingdom,Cold and hot,Amphibious swallow,Between Hainan and my hometown every year,Remove breeding,His to society、Sophisticated,Almost idiot。
Jiang Fan glanced around the farm surrounded by red brick walls by troops,Although he helped Zou Zijie rent it,But he came for the first time。He said:“Which piece of land did you pack?”
Zou Zijie pointed to a crop field west of the gate and said:“I wrapped the land,Bounded by the gate,Less than 300 acres west of the gate,It’s all mine。This land east of the gate,Still grown by the army。”
Jiang Fan looked around,On the ground east of the gate,PLA soldiers are farming,He asked:“What are they growing?”
Zou Zijie said:“Mainly dishes,It is said that the food in the canteen of the chief of the army,Most of them are grown in this field,No pollution。”
Jiang Fan smiled,Before Ding Yi came,He eats in the canteen of the head of the army。After Ding Yi came,They rarely go to the cafeteria to eat,Two people cook and eat。
He asked:“How many acres of this piece。”He was referring to the land left by the troops。