Qin Liang suddenly realized。

“Your figure is also very good,I really can’t see it without taking off my clothes,So your body is so strong……”
Xiaodie really praised Qin Liang,Then the little cheeks started red again……
“So-so,It’s fair enough,Hehe。”
Qin Liang said deliberately and modestly。
It’s weird if he is not in shape……He is one of the best special forces,Years of hard training,I will naturally have a strong body,It’s the same who changed。
“Are you tired?If you are not tired, we will try again!”
Fluttershy is particularly excited today,That restless and excited little heart,Completely uncontrollable state……
“it is good,Willing to accompany,This time,I must beat you。”
Qin Liang said eagerly。
of course,The result of this second match,Qin Liang still lost……
“You idiot!Why can’t even I win,Haha!”
Two wins,Don’t want to make Xiaodie happy,After a few jokes,She took the lead in fighting Qin Liang。
If Fluttershy wins again this time,Is obviously releasing water,So Qin Liang did not show weakness this time,But quickly suppressed Xiaodie’s attack,Then when she was completely beaten by the spray, she couldn’t open her eyes,Qin Liang hugged her without losing the opportunity……
“Surrender,Little Russian beauty!I treat captives preferentially。”
Qin Liang held Xiaodie in his arms,Proudly issued a declaration of persuasive surrender。