Xia Jihan pretended to say easily:“I’m listening to you?I don’t know the hospital I’m going to,You have been investigating for so long anyway,I won’t bother。”

“Ok。now it’s right,You have to absolutely trust your husband。Just lili,Any hospital,It can treat both good and bad diseases,Maybe tomorrow you will meet many patients like Annie。Americans are very enlightened,Maybe Peter will give you a bear hug,This is cultural difference,you……”
Xia Jihan raised his head,Reached out his hand and covered his mouth,Said:“Lord Guan,What do you want to say?Why can’t it be so long and long,This is not your speaking style?Are you worried that I will be hugged by another man tomorrow or are you afraid of seeing those patients,rest assured,All I got is a benign tumor,It’s not cancer。Besides, when I was hospitalized with my dad in Shanghai,,I have seen many such patients,Not afraid at all”She finished,Squeezed his chin by the way,Put his head under his armpit again。
Guan Hao feels relieved when she says this,But what he didn’t expect is,Xia Jihan had long doubted about his illness,He speaks so cautiously that adds to her suspicion,Originally the tumor center is the treatment of both malignant and benign tumors,Why bother him to explain?This is common sense。but,She doesn’t want to cause greater psychological burden and pressure on her lover,Just said that just now。
It’s superfluous to think about it now。
If this is a hospital,It’s better to say this is a garden-style hotel。The American flag and the hospital flag are waving in the wind under the blue sky and white clouds。waterfall、lawn、Squirrel and flowers,It feels like a big garden here。Because Xia Jihan’s eyes are always chasing the two squirrels on the lawn,Guan Hao took the opportunity to hold her hand,Talking squirrel while walking,Soon he entered the first floor lobby of the hospital。
Guan Hao immediately felt the difference between this place and the domestic hospital。There are sofas in the hall、coffee table,Flowers decorate every corner,And table、table lamp,Convenient for people to write and rest。Like Feng Chun said,I can’t smell any potions here,Only the faint fragrance from the flowers placed in various places。
They were led into a consulting room by a beautiful blond female staff member,Not too long,A medium build、wearing glasses、A middle-aged man of Jewish descent walked in,He is david?Peter。
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