Lu Hao Cheng。

These bodyguards,Looking at a weak fan,Can be agile,Sliding like a loach,Can’t catch。
They can explode a fish head.,Playing these people don’t work。
Lu Haocheng looked very satisfied:“Chairman Li,You Li’s money,I don’t mind if you spend money, please people kill me. ,After all, the speed you make money doesn’t have the speed of your money.,Just your money,I see how long you can support?”
Lu Haocheng Zhang Heng said that he turned。
Your Courier is also left。
Li Tingyuan has a chest pain。
“Courtyard,Are you OK?”Two ladies sitting around him。
Li Tingyuan looked at the home so many people,No one can take bigign。
Lu Wei is a woman,A woman who is a child is very can’t afford to。
A married richest,One became the richest。
And his family is still at home.。
Think about this gap,He felt that it was difficult to die.。
“Say,Who do you do??I am not lying on you.,Is it a little a bit for me??”Li Tingyuan glanced through everyone。
Everyone shook his head,Think of Li Xingyu their horrible,They dare to move those careful。
“Not you have anyone else??”Li Tingyuan has to bite his teeth,Since back here,There is no matter to make him worry。
Wang managed home to persuade:“Chairman, don’t be angry,I sent people to see things tonight.,Lu Haozheng is still principled,Generally don’t mess。”
Li Tingyuan nodded。
Lu Haoge returned home,After bathing on the first floor after bathing,Lan Xin is not awake in the middle of the way,Lu Haozheng is in bed,She opened her eyes confused。
Looking at Lu Hao Cheng also looked at her eyes.,She drilled him to his arms.,“Why don’t you sleep??”The sound is with a faint nasal sound.。
Lu Haocheng is gentle,Gentle room,“I can’t sleep if you want.?”
The voice sounded in the ear,Blue Xin’s sleepiness is thus grinding at a little bit。
“I don’t know what to stop。”Blue Xin looked at him laughing,I haven’t slept。
Mobilize the body,Looking quietly looking at his handsome。
“In fact, I miss you too. 。”Her voice is very small,Lu Hao Cheng still heard。
“hehe……”He smiled whispered,Laugh。
Bone skeleton finger with her red lips,“What should I do?,I hurt my hand.?”
“But is your legs are not injured??”Blue Xin is a little shy,Put on 。
Lu Haozheng’s smile gradually expanded,“But I need a hand to support my strength.,I don’t want you to be uncomfortable.。”
Blue Xin:“……”
“Be,Still sleep。”Blue Xin has turned over,Plan to continue to brew sleep,The injury on her arm is not comfortable.,It’s a dull pain!
Lu Haocheng also took her back to her arms,Smile whispered in her ear:“fool,I have a pain,You can。”
Blue Xinfei red heartbeat,I watched him.。
“do not want。”Lu Hao achieved children who did not eat sugar。
Blue Xin can’t help but laugh,“husband,Listening to greed,Sleeping, wound, can be so early。”
“Wife,You forgot to have a word,Flirting,Love wife anti-aging!”Lu Haocheng smiled,Just go out to do something,Now he really doesn’t want to sleep,I don’t have to go to the company injured.,He instantly felt that tomorrow’s days will be very comfortable. 。
Blue Xin looked at him:“Lu Hao Cheng,It is said that,There will be an inexplicable tacit understanding of both couples.,How do I feel that we have??”

He also perceived,There are two people who have followed them in the back.。

I thought that these two will be black hands in half.,I didn’t expect them to come out.,And look like you want to do it on the spot。
Summer will not let them like。
Facing provocation,He is just a light smile,Turn away。
“stop!”The youth angry called Aqing is not drinking,“Did you say if I said??”
“Which one is you??Tianwang Laozi is still a national leader?I have to listen to you.?”
Summer smiling,Continue to walk。
“You are looking for death!”
Aqing face,The fist is going to rush.。
If there is no task,He wanted to kill each other on the spot.,Because of Summer injury,A girlfriend。
But next to Amin is timely,Lower sound channel,“Don’t impulsive,There is no need to do it now.,Waiting to the wine,Miss Ji will let us ventilate,At that time, the public will disappear.,That is not more dissolved。”
“it is good!”Aqing bite the teeth and cuts a sentence,“You go to tell him。”
Aming nodded,Immediately speed up the pace to catch up with summer,Fend smile,“Mr. Xia,Just now, my friend just opened a joke.,I hope you don’t mind,Please let us go.。”
Summer high spirits,Oblique,“Um,Small people should have a small person’s attitude,Front。”
This grandson!
Aming is also too gas。
Waiting to the wine,Have you good looking。
Next,A group of business cars。
All the way,Soon to Wollong Lake。
I don’t know if it is coincidence.,The location of this reception,Even and last in the same hall。
Hall in the hall,Visiting the famous stream,Frequency clink,It’s just a little strange atmosphere.,When people’s eyes are in the door of the lobby。
In summer coming in,The whole hall is quietly quiet,Almost all eyes are brushing in him。
People’s look is surprised,curious,Examine,Contempt,ridicule……
Confused summer,For everything,But when I saw Liu Qingqing and Qinling,Obviously,即 大 步 步 步。
His face,It’s even a smile of a smile.。
“Two beautiful women,You are still there.……what,Two beautiful women,I apologize to you.。”
See the smile on the summer,Liu Qingqing and Qinling have frowned。
I heard him again.,The two beautiful faces actually emerged as a surprise。
This bastard is turned?

These black smoky guys,Why is it more confronted with foreign forces?。

A fact that it is a fact。
Foreign Works Alliances and the Guardian Alliance often disappeared in the darkness and confrontation。
Besides,Many ancient martial arts and ancient martial arts have also strong。
I didn’t understand it before.,But now some understand。
Among the ancient martial arts,Similarly have a group of people who have no efforts in silent fighting and pay。
Just like these ancient martial arts that come to the Holy Church experience,I must have from the real core of the major articles.。
Those ancient martial art,Never look like it is。
Those words originally said,Also made him very vibrating。
His overlord,Behind the head of this hegemony in the world,There is still not known inside.。
Eastern and weighing major forces high-rise confrontation and compromise。
One time,Summer’s minds have become complicated。
Also tell what the taste is。
And at this time,The name called Zhou-shi stands out,“Three years,If you have a lot of money.,I will come here for a while.。”
“OK,I can’t ask for it.。
Three years ago, your brothers and sisters became famous.,Then I left.,I wanted to find you.。”
Lester’s white face hangs smile。
Just after the end,Swift,“Just do this,Not as good as we play bigger。”
Zhou Dong and Zhou Han brothers and sisters are all,Immediately asked,“What do you want?”
“Calculate me,We have five people here.。”
Leicester refers to the companion,Follow-up,“Not as good as you call three people,Our five-to-five mixer,Which party lost?,You don’t have to take part in the event of tomorrow.……I am a clear,More than five people,But the results of our two sides,Representing someone in the field。”
I heard this sentence,Not only the week, Zhou Han brothers and sisters,Everyone is also a full。
Since you come to Huaxia Restaurant,And do registration,Naturally, it is a grand meeting of the Ragan family tomorrow.。
Not to mention how high the organs of the event。
But the content of the event,It is the exchange between Ancient Wuhe Power,It is the name of the famous place and the wine party。
Ancient people as Huaxia,Guo name is another aspect,I have not tasted the idea of changing the face for the Huaxia ‘s ancient martial art.。
Now Lest is used to make a bet,Unshire outside the expectations。
But what is thought,Several brains of the mind have made a clear laugh。
I am afraid that they have premedited.,if not,Will not pick up provocation。
If it is defeated here,Even the grand will not enter,Can only gray face back to Huaxia,A laughter。
“You are too overbearing.?”
A whispering youth is coming out,Gay to Leicester and others,“You are talking to people,Why do you want our fate?。”
“well said。”
Leicester smiles,“Then I will change the rules.,Whether oriental or Westerners,Willing to stay in battle,Repayment to our gambling。”
Toned,Look straight into youth,“And people like you,You can leave,Don’t hinder us fighting。”

Large old man smiles,“Unfortunately,You have lost。”

After the words,Make an eye。
Three people slow moving,And pull the distance from each other,Step step by step, slowly forced the summer。
Summer continuous cough,Facial pale。
Cough, do a dozen sounds。
He didn’t pay attention to the three people。
Instead, I turn to see the moon that is worried.,Shake your head,“You leave immediately,Some people in contact you。” Whenequaries,Summer looks immediately,“Rest assured,They can’t kill me,You can only become my cumberses here.,Go away。”
She is also an extremely decisive woman,I have experienced a lot of things.。
Although it is http://www.bowill.cnuncomfortable,He is more concerned in my heart.,But I still have some point of mind.,Turned to the exit。
“Hoot……”She runs while running,While crying, crying,“Summer,You must come back……If,If you die,I will go with you.……”“Stop him!”
After the words,Four long lives are chasing。
But the summer shape flashes,Block,Cold cold looks opposite three people,“I have passed, I will say it.。”
“As you will die now,Can you block us??”
The old elders are clear,Then drink,“Old four,You go to catch the sacred girl,I am blocked with the second two.。”
Nothing to say,Three people at the same time。
Four long and old touch change to chase the moon,Large old and second elders rushing to summer。
However they didn’t expect。
The two people who are ignored at all in the summer,Just also moved at the same time.。
“Roll back!”
A cold drink,Summer is like a lotion of blood water,When the head is a punch, the other party’s head。
The air seems to be exploded.,Airflow high speed,I pulled out a sad sound。
Four long old pupils,I didn’t expect that there is still a lot of summer.。
“Hum!I have to see how much you have.。”
Magna,Four long and old lightning, one punch。

So out of gratitude,She suddenly whispered to Wang Youcai:“Don’t hurry to go,I heard about your Xiping Village last night。Seems to be the village chief,What’s the surprise attack“

Wang Youcai listened,Eyes suddenly light up,He asked anxiously:“Who did you hear?Is this reliable?”
“I can’t tell you this,Because i eavesdropped,But they also talked about your old Wang family,Said this as long as someone from your old Wang family comes out for a peace,It’s really hard to tell who this village chief belongs to”Xu Lihong is also someone who has mixed up outside,Thinking fast,These words she said,Some are indeed heard,And some were made up by her。
Wang Youcai listened,Couldn’t help laughing:“About Xiping Village,Does it matter if you leave our old Wang’s house??”
Xu Lihong saw that Wang Youcai was so interested in this matter,She immediately said with a smile:“Wang Ge!This news is important, right!I took a great risk to overhear you。Should the rent be waived for me??”
“All the way,I won’t charge you anything,But I have something urgent,You just carry your bag!Chen Xiaoju will really be at home this time,You said that I will pay the rent,You two just take care of,This is the address,Find yourself”Wang Youcai said,I took the paper and pen from the car and wrote an address to Xu Lihong。
I want to live in a free house,Xu Lihong is happier than anyone。She holds the address,Immediately jumped out of the car,Left with a smile。Wang Youcai sat in the car and thought for a while,So I called Chen Gui。
Chen Guiyi heard that Xiping Village wants to re-elect,He just scolded a few words,Then he dodges that he is busy,He won’t participate in this matter。But Wang Youcai doesn’t follow,He only said one sentence on the phone:“Just go back with me,Otherwise, the last time the masses gathered to make trouble,I’ll tell them”
Chen Gui heard that Wang Youcai said,And immediately changed his words:“it is good!I’ll take a half day off this afternoon,Let’s go back to Xiping Village together,I have to come and pick me up”
“Trivial,I will come here”Wang Youcai laughed and hung up the phone。
At half past one in the afternoon,Suddenly a Santana sedan drove into Xiping Village,Drove directly into the compound of the village committee。Secretary Wang was the first one to get off the car,I saw his temples are white,Cangsang。
Coming down from behind is a woman in her thirties,This woman is tall。The figure is a bit magical。A black braid left behind,White short sleeve,Black pants。The key is that her chest and butt are tall and round,A man drools when he sees it。
Behind this woman,With a man and a woman。Among the few villagers who are enjoying the cool at the gate of the village committee,Someone knows Secretary Wang。Take a look at this battle,I can’t help but bow my head and talk。
Zhao Hong knows they are coming,So I’m sitting in the office reading the newspaper。Secretary Wang hasn’t come in yet,Voice has come in:“Zhao Hong!The leader of the town is here”This old man said so,I don’t know if he is saying that he is the leader,Still speaking for the new mayor Ma Xiaofeng。
“Ouch!The two biggest leaders in town are here,Why don’t you call before you come,I’m out to pick you up”Zhao Hong laughed and stood up。
Secretary Wang glanced at the mayor Ma Xiaofeng behind him,Smiled and said to Zhao Hong:“ Do you know this new mayor?!”
“understanding!Didn’t you just have a meeting in two days??”Zhao Hong said,And started pouring tea for them。
Ma Xiaofeng frowned and said:“Chief Zhao,Don’t be busy,You immediately notify the village officials,And all villagers from the village go to the village committee to participate in the election meeting。Especially which party members,They have to move faster,Take the lead”

“Missy,What’s your order?”Wu Shaoqing stepped forward,Bowed his head and said。

The tea bowl in Qin Zhi’s hand slapped Wu Shaoqing on the head,Tea and blood flowed down together。
Wu Shaoqing touched her forehead,Blood in one hand,Suddenly there was a dizziness in my head,Sat down on the carpet。
42 Qin Zhi shot
“Missy,you……what do you mean?”
Wu Wangguo saw his son suddenly headshot by Qin Zhi,Hurry up to help Wu Shaoqing in the past,Although I am angry,But facing Qin Zhi, I still dare not get angry。
“What do you mean?”
Qin Zhi wiped her delicate hands with a handkerchief and said:“Uncle Wu,You also helped our Wu family for many years,There is hard work without credit,As for your loss of the company, as long as it is not too much,I will not deliberately pursue。
but,Should not be……You shouldn’t provoke someone you can’t provoke!”
Wu Wangguo glared at his son aside,“Shaoqing,Who have you offended you recently!”
“I……I do not have it。”
Wu Shaoqing was killed at this time and couldn’t admit that he called the dog brother and beat Chen Xiu.,If you recognize,I’m afraid it’s not just as simple as being headshot by Qin Zhi Chawan。

Li Hui is coming to the office,I saw a little bit of youth than him.。

Although I don’t know who youth is,But combined with the interesting words of the pine rain,He understands that this youth must challenge him.。
“Teacher Li,Someone who is not satisfied with this matter of your sports teacher.,I want to challenge you.,What do you think?”
“Old principal,I have no view.,I want to challenge how to challenge,I will then take it.。”
Li Hui said this,Voice is very flat,But the self-confidence among the plain is satisfied with the old principal.。
At the same time, I also arouse Zou Kai’s fighting spirit.。
“headmaster,This is what he said,I can not force him.。”
“Um,I know!”
The old principal did not expect that Li Hui Feng actually will use it.。
“Teacher Li,Teacher Zou is the national team,You want to lose,Very likely that physical education teachers are not yours.!”
“Um,I want to lose,Voluntary to give the position of the sports teacher to Zou!”
Li Hui said this,Still a face。
There is no feeling of exciting。
Zou Kai I thought I challenge my opponent.,The other party will definitely be angry,Even with your own big thunder。
The result is some unexpected expectations.,Li Hui is unexpectedly polite。
He is also a little embarrassing, and suddenly.。
“Teacher Li,Since I have previously a national team,Then I voluntarily let you run ten seconds.,I lost it, I will not take care of you.。”
“Need not,Since you want to win,Orthothy,You make me ten seconds,I will win the winning color.,on the contrary,Losing a joke is even more powerful。”
Li Hui Feng is so simple to analyze,Let Zou Kai are also understanding the power of it.,But he is unhealthy。
Can’t help but explain。
But the old principal is no chance to explain him.。
Go on:“Row,Since you agree,Then I will find a few teachers as a testimony.,Then you both say that I want to try the project.,Then start。”
“Don’t cause a large area of sensation,Otherwise, no one is good for you.。”
This suggestion for the old principal is not any problem.,The same Zou Kai is also feeling nothing any problem.。
“Row,Everything listening to the principal’s arrangement。”
“Me too,I have to challenge the sprinter and robe,Consider time problem,Long run to a half horse,Who is fast?,Who wins!”
Zou Kai’s words made the old principal couldn’t help but frown。
“Zou Teacher,I didn’t make a mistake.,These two are your specialties.?”
“Yes!Since you want to win,Then I will take out my most hand-made my own heart.,same,If he won me,Other nature is not more than,I will also worry.。”
Li Hui looks at the old principal’s appearance,It seems that he means to biased him, he also laughed.。
“headmaster,I don’t look at this matter, it is very good.,And I feel that I will not lose。”
“alright,Since you have confidence。”
Although I don’t know where Li Hui is confident,But thinking that Li Hui Feng is armed by it.,The old principal has no recollection。

For the current thing,How to deal with it?。

In fact, other problems,Instead, there is no tangible。
“Humph,did not expect,This Shenxuan must be a long time.。”
“If the next,Let’s don’t want to solve it as soon as possible.,So coming,Let’s everyone,Have to suffer!”
When Yang Zhong’s words,The people around you each other,I watched it in front of her eyes.。
After all, the next words,Here,What kind of way is going to do in the end?。
In fact, do something else,It is nothing to say about it.。
The more you now,In fact, in front of you,Yang Zhong itself,Poor is very calm。
“A bit of meaning,Since it is now,So next,What is the matter here?。”
“I feel,I Yang Jia,How can I am afraid of him??”
When Yang Zhong said to his eyes,This is to let the people around those people, the more I feel some can’t get.。
but,Although it is currently,This situation has become so。
But in the hearts of others,For such things,Still some jumps to try。
Even feel,Here,In fact, everyone,Still, it is necessary to add strength to this.。
Beside,Other Yang family’s guards have gaze their eyes,Don’t forget it here。
“In fact, I feel that I feel,In this case,Let’s everyone,There should be this necessary,Thoroughly handle these things。”
“Yes,This is of course,So next,What should we wait here??”
“Although this is the case,But next,How to deal with,This is a problem。”
“Otherwise!,Give this Shen Xuan first?”
This,Those people around you have。
but,For Yang Zhong,What kind of way this is going to work next to?。
After all, these,Anything else,In fact, it is an inevitable problem.。
As for Yang Zhong,It is watching,I don’t forget to continue while I don’t forget.。
“In fact,Since I have already planned to do this.。”
“Well,We will start with Shen Xuan!”
To know,Shen Xuan and the War Temple,During this time, it has taken a lot at once.。
If this is,Did Shen Xuan,Then,What will they get??
These things,Just think a little thoughts,I will probably understand。
So next,These people’s hearts,It’s more Muchu to try.。
After all, now,at this point,How to do it in the end?。
Such a thing,In fact, they are still very happy.。
“all in all,As long as you kill Shen Xuan,At that time Jinling third echelon,Our Yang family must know the best!”

“Snowman,Intoxicated to call, Chairman Dragon agreed to take us,But the number of people can’t be too much,It must also be his guard。”

“no problem,I will go to the Jiaying Sister.。”
NS747chapter Don’t blame them
Follow Long Yun to the airport,Fu Ying Xue and Chen Jiaying are all wearing a national army!,This military uniform reveals the curve of the woman,These two all-level beautiful women,Make some US pilots in the airport, all excited to blow whistle。
Fu Ying Xue and Chen Jiaying did not take care of them.,Instead, I follow Long Yun to see Chen Nard General.,Chen Jiaying English,Exchange with Chen Nad no problem。
Long Yun knows that this is a harmful person,Is to protect Chen Nad,More people have been able to call a message,So what he should do is doing it.,He is not willing to do something in his own site。
Chen Nad is careful that it is not dare to go to the airport for more than 20 days.,Seeing Long Yun said:“I have long listened to your people to say that there is a Japanese killer.,I didn’t see so many days.,Can you explain me??”
“Mr. Chen Nad,This Japanese is brewing a big attack plan,Their goal is not only the generals you,There are also these pilots and fighters.,So we guess that they are very likely to be bombed.,So we have to secretly check the airport.,If you can also hope to take a look at the fighters you here.。”Long Yun said in accordance with Zheng Yao first,
Chen Nard got up and down two appearance of the grand girl asked:“So, two beautiful women are to stay in the airport for a while?”
“Does Chen Nad do not trust us??”Chen Jiaying asked in English,
“how come,You are the people brought by Chairman Dragon,I will definitely believe in him like him.,I hope you can find anything.,Because I don’t want anything.。”
“General Chen Nad,Looking at the devil spy in this airport,So this matter you know yourself.,We will act in secret。”Chen Jiaying continued to say according to Fu Yingxue,
“no problem,But I want to remind you of two beautiful women.,I have these pilots are your government’s employment.,I can guarantee that they will be brave to face Japanese people.,But but can’t guarantee that they want to treat women like a gentleman.,So you must be award their harassment。”Chen Nard said,
Long Yun can be a person who knows that the killing of the god action group is not,Both sides are ignorant, they are definitely not good in the middle.,Hurry:“Miss Chen,Miss Ling,Americans are more open,We can’t sin.,So you have to”
“We understand each other,We will take care of yourself,But one thing we have to say clearly,If they are too too,I will help Chen Nad to educate their!”Fu Yingxue did not put these devils and said it.,
“As long as you can do it,I guarantee that you will not but any responsibility,But if you are bullied by them,I will not be responsible.。”Chen Nad’s pilots are recruited from folk.,So he really can’t guarantee how these people face such two beautiful exotic women.,But he knows that,These people will definitely have actions。
Fu Ying Xue snorted:“Sure enough, as the nine brother,Where is the United States?,Jiaxiang Sister,Don’t separate with me。”
“Will they really do??”Chen Jiaying just saw those bullying pilots,They feel that they have nothing to do with their eyes.,I really want to think about it now.,Because it is bullied by them,Chongqing must not put one。
“I will read them in the hands of friends.,If too much too much, I will teach them well.,Let them know that our Chinese women are not so bullied.。”
Fu Ying Xue and Chen Jiaying don’t want to delay time,Two people start surveying,This work is mainly completed by Chen Jiaying.,Fu Yingxue also learned,But with her than still far。
I don’t want two big beauty to the airport yard less than two minutes.,More than a dozen Americans will surround it.。
“These two Chinese women have more beautiful than they have seen.,And the body is also so good!Do you know that our loneliness deliberately sent us to make our pastime?,Chinese people are really sensible.!”A yellow-haired middle-aged person said,
“I still see the oriental woman in the first time.,Hahaha”A 胡 说 陈 陈 佳 影 ‘s ass,
Chen Jiaying is originally to prevent these American,I haven’t waited for her to dodge,Fu Yingxue has raised his hand to open this person’s hand.。
Chen Jiaying asked angry:“Please respect you!We are soldiers!”
“Hahaha,We know that you are soldiers,You wear military uniforms very nice,We just want to see if you take off the military uniform, it’s so good.!”
“Hahaha”Other Americans are all laughing。
Chen Jiaying translated them to Fu Yingxue,Fu Yingxue must be very angry,But the devil spy is likely to hide in the dark,If you are shot, you will beat these Americans.,Then he will definitely be a group of killing agency.。
It is likely to let the devil change action plan,Can’t produce such results,Because this will only make the devil more careful to the action plan.。
So Fu Yingxue wants to pull Chen Jiaying quickly left these American 佬,But I don’t want them, I don’t want to leave them.,Instead, a few people come together at this time.。
Long Yun saw this scene from the window to Chen Nard:“General Chen Nad,This is not very good.,If this is to spread out to the flying tiger team, there is no。”
“Chairman Dragon,Do you not say that they are members of the killing action group?,If they are really, I don’t believe that these people can’t pack it.,You have to know that killing God is also a legendary general existence in our United States.。”
“you do this delibrately?”
“Just want to see how powerful people in the killing action group。”

Be in charge!

“OK,It’s just how you play.,Don’t brag!”
“Still the right to Human Star,You really go out,The wolf is torn with you.!”
“I can’t recognize my strength at all.,What is it?!”
The people in the live broadcast is a cold riddling,But Niu Xiong has no recruitment,But in my heart。
He knows that it is not a rival of a wolves.,But the wolves are impossible to gather in a piece.?
Definitely have a wolf!
If you meet one or two,Maybe he can kill,By the time,Drag the body,Let this help the network spray shut up!
Don’t watch the surface of the cattle,But self-respect,These people in the live broadcast said,He is in the heart。
But Zhang Xing is the person in charge of this team,He can’t come down.。
“okay,It’s not early now.,We have to start a lunch break.!”
Zhang Xing stood directly before the lens:“In the afternoon, we will sleep for four hours.,It’s two o’clock now,Ordinary until six o’clock,We will sleep!”
“I go,Do you have a lunch break??”
“It’s a bit long four hours.,What if there is any animal??”
“Be careful,Waiting for the wolves, you don’t know you.。”
The audience in the live broadcast reminded。
“Do not worry,We have been arranged around the camp.。”
Zhang Xing smiled,road:“One hundred meters within one hundred meters,As long as there is a large animal,Trigger alarm,Like a snake this crawler animal,Will not come in,Already done measures!”
So much,The walk from the live broadcast is understood.。
“so it is,It’s all masters.。”
“No wonder it takes a long time to arrange the camp before.,Both have this means。”
Finish,Zhang Xing and others sleep in the camp.,A piece of quiet。
“unacceptable,Actually sleep directly!”
Wu Xiuxiu looked live broadcast,Some speechless,Can’t help but say:“Is this not cheating?,At least in the mountain activity activities?”
“no way,It’s too casual when betting.,Nothing required?!”
Xue Qing is helpless,Say:“If it makes the request,Must be active in the mountain,These people estimate that they have long encountered the tiger and the wolves.。”
“Why do they sleep for four hours?,Sleeping in the evening is not better?”