Other people watching the show,Including the old fish are a little confused。
Samuel squeezed over,Also touched Xu Xuan’s forehead,Then he said seriously to everyone:“Have a fever this is,Where’s the team doctor?Hurry up and take a look.”
Old fish froze,Just reacted,Hurry up and call the team doctor。
“sick?how come?”
“No wonder he was like this,I just said how could Xu throw those balls,Not like him。”
“Still have a fever,Looks like it’s not burning lightly.”
There was a voice of discussion in the Knicks locker room.,Xu Xuan today is not the same as usual,They can tell at a glance,But I never thought I was sick,They never noticed this before.
Little Tim·Hardaway lowered his head in sadness and shame,He really thought Xu Xuan was out too late yesterday,Turns out he wanted to be crooked.
“Xu,Why don’t you say when you are sick?”
The old fish pulled the others away,One step forward,He didn’t think Xu Xuan was out to play,But he thought Xu Xuan was the reason for the training too hard。
Xu Xuan smiled weakly,Tao:“I need this victory.”
Old fish’s surprised way:“You need this victory?”
Xu Xuan took a breath,Put“Little girl”Said it again。
After listening to the story,Needles dropped quietly in the dressing room。
Xu Xuan smiled slightly,Ready to stand up,At this moment a big hand suddenly pressed his shoulder。
Xu Xuan recognized the owner of this big hand,Is melon。

Including the image of Yang Feng,Liked by so many people,Has a lot to do with his public relations。

So this time forming Abao Entertainment,Yang Feng transferred Sang Cai。
When the boss and his subordinates were drinking,Sang Choi didn’t interrupt。
I’m almost done eating and drinking,When we started talking about business,Sang Caicai followed Yang Feng’s words,Started talking。
“We at Abao Entertainment are now starting to reorganize,What is needed is some brilliant results,Only then can you gain a firm foothold in the circle,In order to get the support of more investors,Become the first stock in the entertainment industry。”Sang Cai said to the four,“About how to do it,The four should have their own considerations?It’s better to say it now,Let’s talk。”
The four nodded when they heard this。
Work in any company,All have to show some real skills。
Even if you don’t have real skills,So at least your sister and sister must look pretty,So I can be a relative。
The four of them are the founders of the company,In the industry for many years,Of course experienced。
they know,I want to continue my career on the big ship of Abao Entertainment,Then it must be a good result。
Otherwise, it won’t take a few years,They will have no face to stay in this position,Thus retiring sadly。
When talking about acquisitions,Most of it is Yang Feng talking。
Now the company has been reorganized,Yang Feng controls the company69.5%Shares of,Of course it’s people who have the final say。
So now it’s their turn to explain their ideas and plans to Yang Feng。
These plans are related to the next two to three years,Various trends of Abao Entertainment,Also related to their own future。
Of course,State the plan,Not a problem for them。
Before coming here,They have done a lot of plans,I also imagined many possibilities,What they think is the best。
Can these plans be approved by Yang Feng?,And support,This is what they are worried about。

Twitter is quite like a silly fan。

Two even have to come here。
The security staff at the airport said sharply:“Don’t jump in line,Keep the queue in order!”
So fierce,The two girls who were coming over stopped,Dare not come。
There are also occasions to go crazy,This place is not an occasion to go crazy,Just a few of them,There is no way to create that atmosphere,Want to jump in line,These uncles and aunts in line,But you won’t be polite to them。
Some other people in line,Except for some women’s envious look at Fang Hao,Those men feel very inexplicable——Isn’t he just a handsome man??As for this crazy??
Just these little fans,I can only scream a few times,Dare not even jump in the line。
If there are such little fans in the line,The security staff at the airport wanted to fix them,It’s really not easy。
There is no aura now。
When they screamed, Fang Hao was ready to be ravaged by them,There is some disappointment in my heart now:
“this one?”
“The security guard didn’t dare to rush over with a fierce sound?”
“Even being beaten by security personnel but not willing to take the risk,You guys are so embarrassed to say that you like me?”
“Ha ha。”
After passing the security check,Those sisters chatted around him。
Someone wants to sign,Someone wants a photo,Someone else wants to record a video。
For these unreasonable requests,Fang Hao accepts everything。
With a smile on his face,I didn’t show any sense of rejection。

“Think about how to do it?”Young handsome counts his fingers。

“No”Anji shook his head depressed:“I heard that the Cavaliers are also interested in getting Xu Xuan,obviously,It is too difficult for us to successfully trade now!”
“How much hope?”
“Less than 20%.”
The marshal nodded,Can make Anji say something like this,It seems that the form is really not good.
Xu Xuan, Xu Xuan,Am I really going to miss you?
Knicks on the bench。
“how about it?Take a break in the second quarter?”The old fish looked at Xu Xuan caringly。
Xu Xuan’s style of play is very physical,In the old fish’s vision,Xu Xuan play a game25A minute or so is just right,This will not affect the mental state of the body。
“Nothing,I’ll just take a rest。”
Xu Xuan drank Gatorade to replenish his energy,A small gasp calms me down。
The silver-level Wei Shao’s physical talent is still weaker,Now Xu Xuan urgently needs to upgrade it to the gold level,That would be much better than now。

Then I continued to discuss the soundtrack with Liu Ou。

I’m busy waiting for Liu Ou,Lin Dong clean up,Out the door,Go to Chinese Music Academy。
online,Adong New Album,Promotion of five songs at once,Already overwhelming。
This time is the real album,The album name has not been used for ten years,Lin Dong set the word A Dong。
So many songs in a short time,Lin Dong is also preparing to end this album,Quiet down。
These songs will slowly send him to the top,It’s just a matter of time。
So temporarily he doesn’t want to sing by himself,Develop personal connections and build his power,Is the root。
Push Qi Kang and Wan Ruo out,The same can make money,And more influential。
Wait for this kind of influence to create a hot star,Then you can recruit some celebrities who come to collaborate,Expansion power。
There are more people eating with him,His foundation will be firm。
in fact,Whether it’s sister Mei,Sister Lan, including Mo Ruchu and others,Those words to him,Lin Dong cares about it。
He himself knew something,Capital chasing profit,It’s not easy to be alone。

But I can,Because of my master,Teach yourself the most,That’s the view of this super jade rough。

Precisely because of this,Just take a look,It also made Xu Yi show an excited expression。
If this time,If you get three top-quality jade rough stones in one performance。
This time,Not only can be a teacher,Still famous。
After all this time,To make yourself famous,Intentionally three days in advance,I also preached that I was going to Jianghu City,Make countless people,I came to the original stone field specially today。
This,Exactly why,Today this original stone field,One of the reasons for the two thirds more people。
opposite,Lin Yu is looking for the finest rough stone。
Watch watch,Curiously take a look at Xu Yi。
just,Not looking,one look,Froze for a while。
This man’s approach,It turned out to be a technique passed down from my master。
To know,Master’s technique,Not ordinary people can learn。
But not to anyone,Until now,Only passed on two people,One of them is myself,The remaining one,It’s his younger brother Li Benwei。
Could it be that,This person is Li Benwei’s apprentice?
Ok!Only one possibility,if not,It’s impossible for him to know Master’s technique。

Mo Xiaosheng seemed to be moved by seeing Bald,Continue to persuade:“We went in for investigation,I didn’t go in to find death,Neither of us,If it’s dangerous,Then we will hurry and escape!”

Bald licked his lips,Squinted for a while,Then she pointed to Anina’s white wrist,Said:“I want the bracelet on her hand!”
Mo Xiaosheng was slightly startled,I glanced at the table in Anina’s hand,Frown slightly,I didn’t expect this bald man to be so greedy,Anina’s bracelet is jade,At least a few hundred thousand。
“Your appetite is too big, right,We just let you lead the way!”
Mo Xiaosheng frowned and said to the bald displeasedly,Hundreds of thousands is just a small amount of money to him,But whether he has money or not,He doesn’t like being so pitted。
“You love to agree or not,I won’t take it if I don’t agree to it!”
Bald sneered,Head up,Said proudly。
“it is good,I will give you!”
Anina is very free and easy,The bracelet on one of the handles was rolled down。
Although this bracelet is very valuable,But for her,Really nothing,So she handed it to Bald without hesitation。
Bald eyes light up,Hurriedly took the bracelet,He used to be a livelihood with people,So I have a certain understanding of these jade ornaments,When he saw Anina’s bracelet earlier,I know this bracelet is absolutely expensive。
Chuanzi also happily compacted,Reaching out to touch the bald bracelet,Bald opened his hand,Chongmo Xiaosheng said:“Your fifty thousand yuan,To my brother!”
Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help but smile,Some were shocked by Bald’s greed,Received such an expensive bracelet,I didn’t even forget the fifty thousand yuan,Obviously Bald wants to use the fifty thousand dollars to get rid of the embolus,And he swallows that bracelet by himself。
Mo Xiaosheng didn’t care about him either,Handed the fifty thousand yuan directly to Shuanzi。
Shuanzi grinned to the back of his head after receiving the pile of cash,Repeatedly thank Mo Xiaosheng,At the same time please say:“brother,Give me your bag,Let me carry it for you!”
As the saying goes, take people’s money to do things for others,After emboli put the money in his pocket,Immediately became diligent。
“I don’t need it,You help President Anina get it!”
Mo Xiaosheng shook his head and said,Then motioned to Annina to put the bag on Shuanzi’s back。
The food in this hiking bag、Tools and positioning equipment,It weighs tens of catties in total,For Annina,It’s really hard。

Back to the dormitory I took a shower,Change your clothes,Soak Li Wei’s clothes in the water,Wash it later and send it to others。

Sitting at the desk,I have to remember the future18Take a good look at the events of social development in 2016,Make a profitable plan。
Making money is not difficult for me,It’s easy to be the richest man in the world,But now I have no money,Every month300Living expenses,It’s impossible to waste these four years as a freshman now,I want to be beautiful on this campus,You have to have rice in your pocket to live a good life。
Take out paper and pen,I can think of2001Major events that occurred at home and abroad after the year are recorded,See what useful information and opportunities can be found。
1.Yanjing City successfully bid for the Olympics,This is a big event this year;
2.The first time in the history of the national football team to enter the World Cup,I thought it was the beginning,But I didn’t realize it but became the peak;
3.China Internet began to develop rapidly under the background of the world Internet bubble,such asGGthe company,Home computers begin to spread,By my sophomore year,Most of the classmates in the apartment have bought computers;
4.The legend of blood began to flourish,Now go to the internet cafe,It’s all playing this game;
5.The end of the stock market5The bull market of 2015 began a long and bearish journey;
6.China joinsWT0,China’s economy develops rapidly,The economy is going global。
front5Point is the major event that has happened,Only the first6Point has not happened yet,But it’s already spreading,Just Huaxia PlusWT0It has been unsuccessful for decades,I’m afraid I’m the only one in this world who can be most sure this time。
I wrote down my previous work experience and life experience,Very simple2Article。
1.Working in the machinery industry11year,Only experience in developing high-tech laser equipment;
2.10Many years in foreign exchange、stock、Related experience in futures;
Combine what happened with my work experience,Draw the following conclusion:
I am proficient in the laser industry,At the current domestic level,It definitely won’t work,It is estimated that all the accessories to buy this equipment have to be imported from abroad,Cost hundreds of thousands。

If it’s because my acting skills are not good enough,Made Shen Huan’s TV show a failure,Bad reputation,That’s a bit sorry for Shen Huan。

Shen Huan didn’t care,“No more difficult than Ziweige,Don’t worry!”
Heard this guarantee,Yang Kai happily hugged Shen Huan’s arm,“Shen Huan, you are so kind!I know you take care of me the most~~”
Looking at the little princess Jiao Didi right in front of you,Shen Huan was in a trance。
For a moment,Da Mi Mi’s face emerged in his mind。
But instead, it was Yang Kaixin’s charming daughter who had the upper hand。
Ok,Speaking of being beautiful,Happy little princess is even better!
First1088chapter The highlight of the Spring Festival next year
Thought of Da Mi Mi,I naturally thought of her classic role。
In fact, Da Mi Mi is better than Xiao Bingbing,Because she has at least one character that can make her classic spread。
And Xiao Bingbing,At the age of 40, the role of that little maid is the most popular。

“As the son said,You are just a sword in the hands of others,I want revenge for Master,Is about to kill the sword bearer,Instead of breaking a sword……”

“what did you say?”Xuan Jian stared at Dianqing,Still don’t know the purpose of the other party doing this。
But Dianqing didn’t explain to him anymore,But turn around slowly。
The rocket just did not cause him any harm at all,This invulnerability,This is the basis for the disciples of the armored gate to be invincible on the battlefield,This is also the strength of the armored door!
“Dianqing!what are you doing?Help offenders,Are you going to rebel!”Wei Yong looked at all this and was furious。
Dianqing hit the ground with a big knife,Smashed a large slab of stone,Looking up at Wei Yong on the wall。
Such murderous eyes shocked ordinary people like Wei Yong,The whole person couldn’t help taking two steps back。
Just when Wei Yong was uncertain,A flat voice came into his ears。
“He is just doing what he should do。”
The voice suddenly heard from behind not only surprised Wei Yong,And made the soldiers around me react,Draw out the long swords one by one in an instant,Guarding Wei Yong behind。
These are the elite soldiers of Wei,Although martial arts is not too high,After forming a battle,Fighting power should not be underestimated。
“Second son!”
After seeing the person’s face clearly,All the soldiers immediately put away their weapons,Then kneel down on one knee and salute。
The person here is naturally Li Chenfeng。