“It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak,Ino will forcibly invade your brain,Find out,If your ability to predict the future is really fake,Then it can be regarded as eliminating a hidden danger for Konoha Village,if it is ture,Konoha will also specialize in your brain。”Shikamaru turned his head and looked at Ino who was standing beside him.,“let us start,Ino。”
“Do you really want to do this?Shikamaru?”Ino walks towards Miyue,While looking at Shikamaru and asked,She still has hesitation on her face,“Naruto shouldn’t agree to this kind of thing, right?。”
“Naruto’s personality has always been like this,But such a character will only bring disaster to Konoha Village.This time it’s my son,So who will it be in Konoha next time??Ino,Trust me,Everything I do is for the village。”
Ino can only nod,I was in the former three-person team,She relies more on Shikamaru, who has complicated tactics。
Ino puts his hands on Miyue’s temple,Siyue gradually felt that her eyelids were heavy,Feel drowsy。
In the end, Si Yue drooped his head completely。
Looking at Ino at work,Shikamaru suddenly turned and looked behind him and muttered:“I didn’t expect it would be so fast.”
After all, Siyue has the ability to predict the future,So for the whole Konoha Village,Siyue is still very important,At the moment when I found out that Si Yue was missing,The ninjas in the whole village started to act。
“It’s Shikamaru and Ino’s Chakra.”Naruto entering the fairy mode looks at the building in front of him,Then he told the surrounding Anbe ninjas,“Except me and the blogger,Don’t you guys come in,Just take care of the security outside.”
The door was kicked open,Bo Ren and Naruto broke in。
“Shikamaru,What are you and ino doing!”
Naruto looked at Shikamaru and asked。
“Naruto,Have you ever thought,All this is a conspiracy of SHIELD.”
Shikamaru confronts Naruto and Bo Ren,Tell your guess。
“.Maybe you are right,Shikamaru。”