If it’s because my acting skills are not good enough,Made Shen Huan’s TV show a failure,Bad reputation,That’s a bit sorry for Shen Huan。

Shen Huan didn’t care,“No more difficult than Ziweige,Don’t worry!”
Heard this guarantee,Yang Kai happily hugged Shen Huan’s arm,“Shen Huan, you are so kind!I know you take care of me the most~~”
Looking at the little princess Jiao Didi right in front of you,Shen Huan was in a trance。
For a moment,Da Mi Mi’s face emerged in his mind。
But instead, it was Yang Kaixin’s charming daughter who had the upper hand。
Ok,Speaking of being beautiful,Happy little princess is even better!
First1088chapter The highlight of the Spring Festival next year
Thought of Da Mi Mi,I naturally thought of her classic role。
In fact, Da Mi Mi is better than Xiao Bingbing,Because she has at least one character that can make her classic spread。
And Xiao Bingbing,At the age of 40, the role of that little maid is the most popular。