First779chapter Movies and TV series

Movies and TV series?
Li Zhuo and Xin Changkong’s eyes flashed together。
obviously,Shen Huan’s idea,It makes the hearts of two excellent filmmakers!
Take TV series as movies,No one has ever mentioned this before,Let alone action。
But think about it carefully,It’s a bit whimsical。
Because if the TV series are filmed in the form of movies,Purely an extremely wasteful act。
Make a TV series,longest50About minutes,Average cost can reach200In case episode,It’s already amazing。
It was very popular before《Huan Zhu Ge Ge》,28Set spent8000Ten thousand,That’s because it’s the young queen Bu Yiyi as the heroine,Shidi Kong Xiangjun and a group of famous actors also participated,So the production cost is so high。
《Yue Prison》The first season of such a popular TV series,30Ji Cai Hua3000Ten thousand,The reason is another factor——Teacher Chu Liuxiang’s TV series,The celebrities are willing to play even if the price drops。
But according to normal conditions,How many episodes of TV series,It’s not as good as a movie,Even tens of millions of investment。
Although the movie only90minute,most120minute,But can the cost of two episodes of TV series compare to one movie??
Definitely not。
Even just to do60010,000 small-cost literary films,It’s too expensive to make a TV show。
The cost is equivalent to that you have to put all three or five of them in this TV show,Pure waste of resources。
Not to mention the energy required to make a movie,It’s not comparable to a TV series。