Qin Liang took the opportunity to make a request。

Liu Rushi asked gently,And bit his lip,She doesn’t have to think about it,Qin Liang must have come back,To keep in touch with yourself。
“When we come back after watching the night sky,Will you kiss me again?”
really,Qin Liang made his request very seriously。
“You know to ask me now?Why didn’t you ask just now,Just kiss me?”
Although Liu Rushi is shy,But I still asked,And then bit my lips。
“Just now……Forgot to ask,Hehe。”
Qin Liang had to play stupid。
“you’re lying!”
Liu Rushi is acting like a baby again……
“is it okay?Let me kiss you again?”
Qin Liangda meant not to let go if he didn’t get a satisfactory answer。
Liu Rushi looked at Qin Liang’s fiery eyes,She felt that she was going to be burned by that look,Can’t help it,She nodded gently……
“it is good,Let’s make a decision。go,Let’s enjoy the most beautiful night you have never seen。”
Qin Liang smiled contentedly,Talk aside,One side lifted Liu Rushi in her arms,Then took her hand,Walk towards the door……