When Peng Changyi arrives at Gu Zhuo’s room on time at six,I saw the door of the room open,There is a waiter cleaning up the room。Peng Changyi asked wonderingly:“Where’s the person in this room?”

The waiter said:“gone。”
“Long walk?”
“It’s been a while。She left you a letter,on the table。”
There really is a letter on the table,The envelope is a special envelope for Shenzhen Luohu Customs,It’s exactly the same as the one Mr. Book,He pulled out the letterhead,See above:
“Hello mr.peng,Sorry,I can only leave without saying goodbye,Because i’m an unwelcome person。I know his business trip is fake,Not seeing me is true。May 1st is my wedding day,If you and your leader have time,Just come and have a glass of wedding wine。Thank you for your care,Say hello to him by the way,Xiaozhuo bless him。”
Xiao Zhuo。Peng Changyi from this inscription,I saw Gu Zhuo’s friendship with Wang Jiadong。
He received the letter,Learn like Gu Zhuo,Took a long breath。Thought,Good to go,Instead of being unpopular here,It’s better to walk away,Good for both。This shows that she is a woman who knows how to measure。
In Peng Changyi’s impression,Gu Zhuo is a powerful and scheming woman,Through brief contact,He thinks people are biased towards her,From her look,not difficult to see,She should be a loving and righteous woman。Later facts also proved Peng Changyi’s judgment。
Peng Changyi took this letter,Back to the office,He called Minister Wang in the office。quickly,The minister called back。
Peng Changyi said:“minister,it’s me。”
Minister Wang lowly“Ok”With a。
Peng Changyi felt that his heart was also a little heavy,Just said:“gone,Leave a letter。”
“I’ll go back soon。”
Ten minutes later,The minister’s characteristic shortness came from the corridor、Strong footsteps。After the minister enters the house,Peng Changyi came to the minister’s office。
Minister Wang lowered his eyes,Did not speak,Peng Changyi took out the letter and gave it to him。
After Minister Wang finished watching,Take out the lighter,Hit twice without hitting,Peng Changyi took it,Get that iron dustpan,I lit the letter。
After watching that letter turn to ashes,Peng Changyi said:“She doesn’t believe you are on a business trip。”
Wang Jiadong’s expression is deep and solemn,There seems to be a touch of sadness,After hearing Peng Changyi’s words, he said angrily:“Count her smart。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said in a joking tone:“You won’t go to Beijing for a wedding on May Day?”