Always look at the phone, massage acupuncture points to help you restore your vision!

Always look at the phone, massage acupuncture points to help you restore your vision!

Modern people can’t work without computers, and they can’t live without mobile phones.

The long-term face of the screen, the eyes are easy to dry, tired, eye drops?

Easy to dry eye syndrome; what about?

Easy to wrinkle, what can I do?

If we often feel tired eyes, we can use the acupoint massage method to relieve the symptoms of eye fatigue.

1, there is a pension point at the wrist of the wrist, which has the effect of clearing the head and clearing the eye.

Look for the old-aged point, with the back of the hand facing up, so that the state of the little finger side of the wrist can be observed, and the protruding part of the bone can be cut by the naked eye.

Touch this part with your finger to touch the crack and the old-age point is in the crack.

Every morning and evening, each finger pressure can be 10 to 20 times. This repeated massage is good for relieving myopia and presbyopia.

2, into the thumb of the finger there are Ming eye points and Fengyan points, which are located on both sides and the middle of the thumb joint.

It can improve acute conjunctivitis and can also inhibit cataract in the elderly.

People who are usually tired of their eyes should stimulate these three acupoints twice a day, as long as they can use a little bit of pain to feel the pressure.

3, according to the eyebrow eyebrows there is a bamboo hole, the position is located in the edge of the edge of the eyebrows.

It has the functions of soothing the liver, clearing the eyes, improving headache, dizziness, and eyelid beating.

Hand wash before pressing to avoid eye infection.

In addition, the intensity should be moderate, with a slight soreness, so as not to use too much force to hurt the eye.

It seems that when you press the acupuncture points above, it is best to close your eyes, relax your body, and let yourself be in a state of tranquility, so that the body’s yin and yang can be balanced.

The core tips are dizzy, the eyes are sore and blurred, which is a common problem in office workers.

Chinese medicine believes that this is due to sedentary and excessive use of the eye, resulting in imbalance of yin and yang.

If this happens, you should temporarily put down the work at hand, and press the acupoints to have an immediate effect.

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