Zhang Yihong looks red,Almost madly roared。

For him,This sword is his heart,Since stealing back,He comes to this lover to sleep every day,Just to be able to see this sword,And every time I have to put it down and play for hours,So Mo Xiaosheng is taking the sword away now,Is undoubtedly taking a knife to cut out his flesh。
But Mo Xiaosheng just likes to see him look desperate but helpless,Because when he stole the sword from his hand,I had this mentality。
“your?You’re so bold!You call it,Does it promise!”Mo Xiaosheng looked at him,Take it easy。
“Mo Xiaosheng,You wait to die,Sooner or later I will kill you with this sword myself!”Zhang Yihong gritted his teeth and said angrily。
“it is good,I’m waiting for that day,But now I will take it away,Rash,I hope I’ll forgive you!”Mo Xiaosheng smiled triumphantly,See that Tongtong has called the police,I know I can’t stay any longer,So I just walked out,He didn’t take the elevator this time,But the stairs,I went downstairs in the blink of an eye,After breaking out of the wall, quickly disappeared into the night。
“Yihong,Are you OK?”
Tongtong sees Mo Xiaosheng is gone,Hurry up to help Zhang Yihong,Concerned Road:“Don’t worry,I have called the police,Then let the police go to their house to catch him,The sword will naturally return to your hand!”
“Back ass!”
Zhang Yihong feels a little better now,Slowly stood up on the ground,Shen Sheng:“Can’t let the police know about this,Tell them they don’t need to come,Once this sword is discovered,Will be confiscated!”
He loves this sword like life,Naturally, the fewer people know the existence of this sword,The safer this sword,So it’s just like when he stole this sword from Mo Xiaosheng.,He can only suffer a dumb loss this time,I can only find a way to steal the sword back later。
After Mo Xiaosheng took the sword away,Did not go home,But went directly to the Moxin Medical Center,Give the sword to Li Zhen for safekeeping。
Li Zhen has been at Moxin Medical Center for almost 24 hours,So I can always be with this sword,And with his ability,Want to steal this sword from him,Seems not easy。
After taking the sword back,Mo Xiaosheng feels much more at ease。
Qiao Yiyi hasn’t slept after Mo Xiaosheng got home,I was laying on the sofa with Luo Yilin and watching the soap opera。
“Niche,Come soon,Come soon!”