Needless to say far away,“There is heaven,Suhang”Such words,Has been circulating for thousands of years。

Take the current Internet era,Lin’an also owns two of the eight major groups。
One is the second-ranked Abao Technology,This is almost a giant that has built the first platform for online shopping,Has more than50%Total retail and wholesale。
Used to be in a province,As long as you can possess50%,Can be called industry giants。
Today’s Internet Age,Nationwide50%What a huge market share,Conceivable。
If it weren’t for the Changjiang Group’s to counter it,I’m afraid can reach70%The above market share。
That is, didn’t do it at firstB2COwn online store business,Otherwise, the current number one won’t be the turn of Shanhai Group.。
Lin’an’s second pride,It’s Shining Technology。
That is, the group that owns the largest video site in Asia and the world,It is also plagiarizing Shen Huan’s creativity,Made a mountain.Walled version“Lightning boy”Laihe Shanhaiwang“Meteor girl”Porcelain company。
Video site,Not invented by Shining Technology,But American。
Only after arriving in China,Was quickly absorbed and imitated by a group of companies in China,Thus formed its own style。
Shining Technology’s Youyi Network,Is one of the best,Good operation mode and forward-looking vision,It helped Shining Technology become the eighth largest private group in China,have1200Billion dollar market value,Can be said to be very abnormal。
Although not as good as Abao Technology,Keshine Technology is in its own market segment,Still ahead of all competitors,Including European and American video sites。
They are only No. 1 in Asia,But in terms of scale and number of users,No company can surpass them。
Only one thing,Shining Technology in the past year,Encountered a strong challenge from。 entered the film market and TV drama market earlier than them,Needless to say,《love letter》Issuance is also a magical stroke,This is still past。
Just say the last six months,Shanhaiwang is a full-scale outbreak,I have directly crushed in the first year or two,Become the world’s number one posture。
They first made《Gift in Room 7》the film,This is currently the best-selling book in the world,Has long gathered a lot of popularity all over the world,The movie version is of course the most concerned。
Even if《Gift in Room 7》Do not make money,Its awards and attention,Absolutely essential。
In fact, the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival,The highest award at the Busan International Film Festival,Have proven this。