Bo Ren’s nine-tailed claws clenched into fists several times and all of their attacks failed.。

“hateful.Who are these guys!”
Mouse squinted,Looking at the enemies who are constantly intertwined in front of them, guessed:“It should be the latest product of the biochemical ghost project of the umbrella organization,Crazy baby。”
“Ugh?This name is so ugly。”
Bo Ren suddenly interrupted and said。
“.Give biochemical ghosts the ability to inherit blood boundaries,It seems that the umbrella organization should be successful。”Uchiha Ratyu said,“Come to face!”
Susanoh suddenly emerged from the mouse who stood in the front,It seems that I feel a natural awe for Susano,Three crazy babies are from the left of Susanoh,To the right and above,Come to the blogger behind Shuyou。
Two nine-tailed claws grab the hands of the crazy baby jumping into the air,Pull the other person in front of you。
“Spiral pill!”
Bo Ren solved a crazy baby in an instant。
Different from Bo Renmo,Kawaki’s type is obviously a ninja,So when facing the crazy baby, I obviously fell into the disadvantage。
Not only is there no ninjutsu to restrict the opponent’s actions,Be careful of crazy baby’s sharp nails everywhere。
“Hey,Blogger,Don’t be proud,Hurry up and help Chuanmu。”
“I know。”
As if knowing the intentions of Shuyu and Bo Ren,Before two people support,Two crazy babies chose to escape。
“Actually ran away.hateful!”
Kawaki clenched his fist,Compared to the enemy’s escape,More is his anger at his weak。
Like this,It is impossible to destroy the shell organization,Beat Cixian。
“what!The crazy baby that I shot flying is gone!”