Then the flow of his blood increases,High-speed secretion of adrenaline。Attention starts to be highly concentrated,As if time has slowed down。

Between,Then this game must be in a superb state, right?。
Just take the Raptors,This is simply perfect!
“Raptors players start to play!They wore dark purple jerseys,Tyrannosaurus on the jerseyLOGOAs if to choose people!”
“I like the RaptorsLOGO,Very exciting。”
“The first appearance is this year’s second show,6-foot-11 center at the University of Massachusetts——Marcus Camby in jersey number 21!”
“Fans cheering enthusiastically!It seems that Camby is very popular with Toronto fans!”
“Then the other players played in turn!The war spirit on their faces is undisguised!”
“The last player to play is the University of Arizona’s five-foot-10 guard,20Guardian Flying Squirrel——Damon Stoudemire!”
“The flying squirrel rushed into the court by way of glider!He gave each of his teammates a high five。then,Then he looked at Kobe。”
“Kobe sitting in front of the technical stage,Staring at his opponent like watching a monkey show!”
“Flying Squirrel finds Kobe!”
“Ok?”Kobe wants to say,Please continue your performance,What am i doing。
“My nickname is Little Flying Squirrel,Your name Peter Pan。Today we two,Only one person can fly out of here!”
“Oh。”Kobe winked,Do you have to say something harsh at this time?,But good second,I can’t tell myself。