Hong Yan’s voice came from the kitchen。

And the last dish is not ready,He is busy in the kitchen alone,No time to come out。
“One more person?”Zhan Li frowned,Ask Chi Jiao,“Who?Sounds familiar。”
She doesn’t bother to ask others,I don’t think other people deserve her question。
The people in the kitchen knew she was here,But didn’t come out to meet her,Make her feel uncomfortable。
“It’s teacher Hong Yan,”Chi Jiao said with a smile,“He is cooking in the kitchen now。”
“Hong Yan?he came!”
Zhan Li was taken aback。
When she was popular,Hong Yan is also very red。
When she had no scene to film,Hong Yan is still very red。
People have been really popular for more than ten years,Evergreen Tree,Although it’s not as popular as her,But more than ten years of accumulation of popularity and connections,Are quite amazing。
Although the personality is recognized as gentle,But everyone in the circle knows,Such people can’t afford。
In front of this person,She can’t put on the predecessor’s score。
A surprise smile suddenly appeared on his face,Squealed:“Rock brother,is it you?I’m Zhan Li!”