I want to give this relic to Donor Lin,if not,The treacherous man came again to snatch,The relic will definitely be unable to keep it。”

“No,Never!This relic is your Buddhist treasure,I’m an outsider,You leave it to me”Lin Yu originally thought the abbot asked him to come in,I just want to thank myself。
did not expect,It turned out to be to hand over Buddhist treasures to myself。
To know,This relic,No value for ordinary people。
But for Buddhism,Like a person’s heart。
“Lin donor,Nothing to do。
If you refuse to accept the relics,Wait until Uemura Musashi comes again,This relic must not be guaranteed,You better accept it!”
The abbot finished saying this,Take out a box from within。
The box is not big or small,Fang Zhengzheng。
“This is the relic,You must protect,Don’t fall into the hands of a traitor。”
The abbot finished,Opened the box。
then,A light flashed from the box。
Subsequently,A golden stone appeared in Lin Yu’s eyes。
For the relics of Buddhism,Lin Yu had heard of it a long time ago,But never seen。
This is the first time Lin Yu has seen the relic。
Worthy of being a Buddhist holy thing,The Hao Ran above is so strong。
“it is good,Then I will accept the relic。”
“Thank you Lin Donor for accepting it,So that I don’t become a sinner,Except this one,There is one more thing to give to the donor。”
The abbot finished,Took out another book。