Mo Xiaosheng shook his head,Said:“This is indeed genuine,You can always start!”

Mo Ziqin smiled angrily when he heard this.,Some helplessly rolled his eyes,Does this fucking still use him?,Master Yan just confirmed it,Is genuine,And Mo Xiaosheng held back for a long time, but he only squeezed out a sentence to start,No other comments,Obviously a layman who knows nothing。
“it is good!”
Mo Qingwu nodded,Didn’t say anything more,After all, no doubt about employing people,Suspicious。
“Mr. Mo,Since you said you know feng shui knowledge,I want to ask you,If this god Wangding is photographed by us,Do you know how to use it?”
Mo Ziqin turned his head to look at Mo Xiaosheng and frowned.。
“This one……I’m not too sure……Still wait for us to take it,Let me study and study!”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled and shook his head,It’s not that he can’t use it,In the memory of his ancestors,There are so many uses of this artifact,He didn’t know which one to tell Mo Ziqin!
And now the main task is whether the Mo family can photograph this tripod,As for how to use,It’s all afterword。
Mo Ziqin sneered when he heard this.,Then some helpless sigh,I didn’t pay attention to Mo Xiaosheng。
“Boss,I told you already,This is just buying a lottery and meaning,If the Mo family wants to prosper,It’s your hard work!”
Mo Qingwu noticed his son’s frustrated look,Can’t help but hummed in a deep voice。
In fact, he didn’t put the hope of the prosperity of the Mo family on this tripod.,But just in case,He can’t let other families and families grab this tripod,Especially the Nangong family!
Even if this tripod is a pile of scrap iron,He must also fight over,He fought with the old man of the Nangong family for a lifetime,This time is no exception,Must compete!
“Yes,What my father taught is!”Mo Ziqin nodded dejectedly。
“Master Yan,Now that it has been determined that the tripod is real,Can we start the auction now??”
The fat housekeeper saw Yan Binghe holding this god Wangding and kept watching,Can’t help but remind in a low voice。