——Not particularly lack of money,No one wants to give their excellent originality to a traffic to ruin。

Qu Wan’er invests heavily in seeking originality,Not so smooth。
To attend the awards show,But I don’t have my own song to sing,This makes her very worried。
So that when she went to study with the music teacher,There are some absent-minded。
This makes her teacher very upset,I feel that this is disrespect for myself,So he asked sternly:“What happened to you today,So out of state?Is it 10,000 yuan for an hour of class,Can it be spoiled like this??”
Chapter Four and Three apprentice
This music teacher actually likes Qu Wan’er a student。
There is no ambiguous attitude,At his age,I can only have eye addiction,I want to be ambiguous but I can’t get ambiguous。
His granddaughter is older than Qu Wan’er,He is still a normal person,Don’t have that kind of beast idea。
like her,Because I think this little girl works hard,Singing talent is also okay。
Although the previous singing skills were messy and terrible,But that’s because I have not received professional guidance。
It’s gradually like that now。
This growth rate,In his teaching career,Is also extremely rare。
Related to talent,Also related to effort。
Old people,Have kind words to this world,I generally appreciate the kind of hardworking people。
I originally took this job just to find a job after retirement,Make some spare money,Add a dowry to your granddaughter。
That’s a job。
But I taught for more than two months,But gradually changed my mind,A little bit about Qu Wan’er as her apprentice in it。