But when Shizuka Hiratsuka announced the end of the class meeting!

There was a weak report at the door of the classroom,It caught everyone’s attention instantly。
Kudo Shinichi?
Did this guy finally show up??
Say……You really deserve to be Kudo students,You are really brave!
It’s fine to miss school,Now even Mr. Hiratsuka’s class meeting is dare,Isn’t he really afraid of death??
An instant,Countless admiring eyes were cast on Kudo Shinichi at the door of the classroom。
But at this moment,Kudo Shinichi, who has not fully recovered from the blow, knows nothing about it.。
The scene where Lynn dragged Xiaolan and Yuanzi to escape,Let him stay in the playground for a long time。
After all,He didn’t think Xiaolan would leave her childhood sweetheart,Instead, he was abducted by a transfer student who had just met one day。
Although this happened before his eyes,But if you think about it carefully……
perhaps……This is probably just an illusion!
It should be an illusion!
Ha ha ha ha……
This illusion is really interesting,Lin actually has the strength of a professional player。