Mo Xiaosheng seemed to be moved by seeing Bald,Continue to persuade:“We went in for investigation,I didn’t go in to find death,Neither of us,If it’s dangerous,Then we will hurry and escape!”

Bald licked his lips,Squinted for a while,Then she pointed to Anina’s white wrist,Said:“I want the bracelet on her hand!”
Mo Xiaosheng was slightly startled,I glanced at the table in Anina’s hand,Frown slightly,I didn’t expect this bald man to be so greedy,Anina’s bracelet is jade,At least a few hundred thousand。
“Your appetite is too big, right,We just let you lead the way!”
Mo Xiaosheng frowned and said to the bald displeasedly,Hundreds of thousands is just a small amount of money to him,But whether he has money or not,He doesn’t like being so pitted。
“You love to agree or not,I won’t take it if I don’t agree to it!”
Bald sneered,Head up,Said proudly。
“it is good,I will give you!”
Anina is very free and easy,The bracelet on one of the handles was rolled down。
Although this bracelet is very valuable,But for her,Really nothing,So she handed it to Bald without hesitation。
Bald eyes light up,Hurriedly took the bracelet,He used to be a livelihood with people,So I have a certain understanding of these jade ornaments,When he saw Anina’s bracelet earlier,I know this bracelet is absolutely expensive。
Chuanzi also happily compacted,Reaching out to touch the bald bracelet,Bald opened his hand,Chongmo Xiaosheng said:“Your fifty thousand yuan,To my brother!”
Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help but smile,Some were shocked by Bald’s greed,Received such an expensive bracelet,I didn’t even forget the fifty thousand yuan,Obviously Bald wants to use the fifty thousand dollars to get rid of the embolus,And he swallows that bracelet by himself。
Mo Xiaosheng didn’t care about him either,Handed the fifty thousand yuan directly to Shuanzi。
Shuanzi grinned to the back of his head after receiving the pile of cash,Repeatedly thank Mo Xiaosheng,At the same time please say:“brother,Give me your bag,Let me carry it for you!”
As the saying goes, take people’s money to do things for others,After emboli put the money in his pocket,Immediately became diligent。
“I don’t need it,You help President Anina get it!”
Mo Xiaosheng shook his head and said,Then motioned to Annina to put the bag on Shuanzi’s back。
The food in this hiking bag、Tools and positioning equipment,It weighs tens of catties in total,For Annina,It’s really hard。