Speaking of which,Song Turn Around,Looking at Huang Lei blankly:“In case the person invited is unreliable to talk nonsense,Then I didn’t kill him,Even if you send someone to go on a blind date,I also have to find a trustworthy,Reliable。”

“I think about it, the only thing I can trust and depend on is Huang Lei, you,Don’t speculate this time,Of course,I will never let Brother Huang Lei help you in vain,Every time I believe I will give a certain amount of money,what do you think?Such a thing should be quite cost-effective。”
Song, whose surname is Song, didn’t say anything here.,Look at Huang Lei and wait for Huang Lei to speak。
Huang Lei originally wanted to refuse,Must refuse such a thing,It’s just that Song, whose surname is Song, and Bai, whose surname is Zhang Bai, are also very helpful to him.,Almost eat and live them、Use their。
Don’t talk about giving money,Even if you don’t give money,Huang Lei has to help them too,What’s more, people have already said they are willing to pay,Based on this alone, Huang Lei should be on this matter,There can be no doubt or rejection。
Just such a process,Somehow it will make Huang Lei feel a little concerned。
Huang Lei meant to say,Just go on blind dates for people like him?
I won’t say anything else,Just say the only thing,Song, whose surname is Song, and Huang Lei are about the age difference10Around the age of,No10Years old8year old。
This means that the person who has a blind date with Huang Lei is a little girl,The age difference between the two of them makes Huang Lei very mindful,Not to mention anything else,So far, Huang Lei has thought about it and still feels that such a thing is inappropriate。
“brothers,I’ll tell you directly,Don’t hide it,There is a big gap between my age and yours,You let me go on a blind date?But have you ever thought about it,When the time comes, the girl will see me as an uncle,Not good-looking,Old,You are not afraid of affecting your reputation。”
“Nothing else,Just tell your parents about this matter,Then how do you explain?I think this kind of thing is better not to find me,See if you can find someone else,Maybe this thing will become more smooth。”
“Brother Huang Lei,Where did i find someone else?I can’t find anyone like that,Except you,I really don’t know who to call。”
“Anyway, I don’t know who to call for help this time except you,Brother Huang Lei, just take a look,See how to handle this。”
Speaking of which,He said while pulling Zhang Bai’s white away。
Huang Lei didn’t react at first,I didn’t know until later that these two guys were going to bug,Chase out,But these two guys have already driven away。