No solution!

“Raptors’ role players performed well,But their core performance is slightly lacking today!”
More than Lowry,DeRozan is also a little autistic today。
As the league’s top mid-range pitcher,Today I was shot near the high position defended by pickled peppers11in2.Poor hit rate!
The first half of the fourth quarter,Xu Xuan rests as usual,Pickled peppers played on the court for a while,The difference has been maintained at10Points around。
Single section10The difference in points is no longer a small number。
Lowry is trying。
Lowry caught attention and then took the ball to the right side of DeRozan,DeRozan meets defense!
Valanciunas takes off the rebound,Return to Lowry,Lowry turned around and stopped throwing a board!
still none!
Valanciunas rebounds again,DeRozan cuts in for a layup.
Action so standard,The sound of iron strikes is so crisp!
First281chapter Bai Qiao talent starts advanced!
2015year10month28day,Canada Route Center Stadium,Able to hold19800Multiplayer Arena,Packed today。
As far as the attendance rate of the Canadian Airline Center Stadium is today,The cheers at the scene must be deafening。
But now,The Canadian Airline Center Stadium is terribly quiet!
Raptors fans watching the game from the sidelines,Now everyone’s face is full of misunderstanding!