On the field,Cheers are already shaking!

In the ears of the Pacers fans at Bankers Life Arena,Now all home teamDJHoarse cry。
Each of them admires passionately looking at the player on the court who stretched out three fingers to the sky。
The player who is like a god in this game!
The Heat fans in front of the TV were silent。
The Heat performed very well in this game。
From the start of the game to the present,The Heat players are also very good。
This highly anticipated game has always been in suspense。
As usual。
Facing such a game, the team is in excellent condition,Players perform well,When the game is still unclear,Their emotions must be the most exciting,Craziest time!
Quiet as a chill?
They are fans of Miami!
They are the league’s triple crown team!
But now.