Qi Wei who came to the yard glanced around,Cutting wood is definitely not suitable for her,Then only choose dishes,She moved a bench,Tao:“Teacher Ho,I will help you。”</p>

Teacher He smiled:“it is good。”</p>
Sister aside,Staring at Qi Wei suddenly,Open road:“sister,Are you double eyelids?”</p>
Qi Wei nodded:“I am double eyelids,what happened?”</p>
Sister said:“Girls with double eyelids look better。”</p>
Qi Wei just wanted to explode,But suddenly realized it was live streaming,Had to reroute:“Don’t believe those,I used to be a single eyelid,Later, it was also for good-looking,Go to the hospital。”</p>
Paused,She looks at sister,A pair came over and said:“Don’t follow sister,I just pierced my eyelids to look good,Waiting to get old,It hurts,Single eyelid is good,I regret now,There is no place to make up。”</p>
My sister nodded seemingly,Teacher He on the side coughed violently,Tremblingly:“You really dare to do anything。”</p>
Average female artist,No matter how big the coffee is,Will try to avoid letting others know that they have had plastic surgery,Or where has been modified。</p>
Although the atmosphere is getting more and more open now,Although plastic surgery is no longer unacceptable,But it’s always bad。</p>
I never thought of Qi Wei’s upright temper,Just give it out。</p>
But she didn’t take off powder,Should be like this often,Fans are used to it,Or maybe there are so many fans who appreciate Qi Wei’s sincerity。</p>
Outside after all,Fans always respect him as Brother Qi,The feeling of a female middle-aged man。</p>
As now,Double eyelids are pierced,Not raw,Unobtrusive。</p>
The mushroom house used to be quiet and peaceful,Time looks good。</p>
And outside,But it is surging,Since Su Luo’s reputation has risen,The three major music companies jointly decided,Take this opportunity,Release the album。</p>
And Chen Xue also agreed to this approach,After all, the heat of the incident is still there,Just can rub a wave。</p>
So a message exploded online,After Three,Su Luo’s Album“Heart light”Will be launched on the platform malls of the three major companies,There are also a small number of physical records,Will be sold。</p>