“As the son said,You are just a sword in the hands of others,I want revenge for Master,Is about to kill the sword bearer,Instead of breaking a sword……”

“what did you say?”Xuan Jian stared at Dianqing,Still don’t know the purpose of the other party doing this。
But Dianqing didn’t explain to him anymore,But turn around slowly。
The rocket just did not cause him any harm at all,This invulnerability,This is the basis for the disciples of the armored gate to be invincible on the battlefield,This is also the strength of the armored door!
“Dianqing!what are you doing?Help offenders,Are you going to rebel!”Wei Yong looked at all this and was furious。
Dianqing hit the ground with a big knife,Smashed a large slab of stone,Looking up at Wei Yong on the wall。
Such murderous eyes shocked ordinary people like Wei Yong,The whole person couldn’t help taking two steps back。
Just when Wei Yong was uncertain,A flat voice came into his ears。
“He is just doing what he should do。”
The voice suddenly heard from behind not only surprised Wei Yong,And made the soldiers around me react,Draw out the long swords one by one in an instant,Guarding Wei Yong behind。
These are the elite soldiers of Wei,Although martial arts is not too high,After forming a battle,Fighting power should not be underestimated。
“Second son!”
After seeing the person’s face clearly,All the soldiers immediately put away their weapons,Then kneel down on one knee and salute。
The person here is naturally Li Chenfeng。