To put it bluntly, except for this Knicks“Triangle attack”Outside,There are no other tactics,Four words:Go around。

Because I never use tactics,Tactics are like clouds.
This kind of team will play the dominant game smoothly,It’s just like the previous game against the Pistons.,And once in a disadvantage,There is basically no hope of a comeback.
This is the toughest match Xu Xuan has ever played!
Only after three quarters was it worthwhile to get a free throw2Minute,Sports war1No points!
Frequent passing errors,De Xiaopang’s experience is too rich,Xu Xuan can judge the accurate passing direction when he raises his hand.
2Minute、4Assist、1Backboard,Miserable data in addition to4Foul,5Mistakes.
“obviously,This kid from the east doesn’t know how to play.”Barkley turned to Kenny·Smith says:“I can bet,He will definitely doubt his life after this game.”
Mocking voice。
Kenny·Smith echoed:“Maybe this is the common problem of young players,Their condition is good and bad,I can’t see clearly what the strength is.”
“He still needs to grow。”Kenny·Smith added:“I will encounter training in my growth,And this is part of the training.”
On the field,Xu Xuan is very angry,Lin Yun was sitting on the sidelines watching,But he played so badly。
Deron’s style restraint made him unable to deal with it.,Can only be passively beaten infinitely。
And he didn’t feel very good in two consecutive games,Pitifully low scores in sports games。
“What’s wrong with me?Is there a bottleneck??”Xu Xuan is puzzled:“Although the opponent defended well,But it’s not the reason why I can’t get points?”
Xu Xuan thought slowly,Try to slow down the movements under your hands。
“It’s always good to be slower!”
“And you can not score,But we must not make any more mistakes!”Xu Xuan whispered secretly in his heart,He hit in front5There are not as many mistakes as this one.。