Lu Hui says:“Those real estate developers who are not hitchhiking。”

Peng Changyi said:“Isn’t one of them opening wider??Someone else?”
Lu Hui says:“The bigger the opening50Mu’s approval,Those predators don’t even have an acre of approval。”
Peng Changyi thought。
Lu Hui said:“But you don’t care about it,Many of them were introduced by Jinan leaders,Some projects are personally greeted by the secretary,You,Study hard in Beijing。If those real estate projects are built on a large scale next year,The people must be making noise。”
Peng Changyi said worriedly:“I can’t run away no matter what happens。”
Lu Hui says:“If we increase compensation,The people may recognize it。”
Peng Changyi said:“Is the construction area of Yuda Demolition 50 mu??”
Lu Hui says:“Long story,It started with fifty acres,It’s not this number long ago,let me tell you,Not a hundred acres,Is one hundred and fifty acres,Including supporting land,Why don’t anyone say anything at the team meeting today,Because other people and Ben don’t know this。and so,Dongliang scolds his mother behind his back,Something happened and asked everyone to wipe his ass,When there is no accident, no one knows what the situation is。”
Peng Changyi said:“Don’t talk about it now,Let’s stabilize people’s hearts first,In addition, report the results to the province,Don’t forget this,Communicate with me if you have any questions。”
Lu Hui says:“I think you should avoid this,Promised to be shit in the future。”
Although Peng Changyi knows this shit is less subtle,But I won’t say that when my superiors blamed me,If something happens,No one can escape the relationship,He said:“You have to remind you of National Day。”
Lu Hui says:“remind?We mentioned,But they don’t accept it。In addition,Some specific plans are not clear at all,I asked this question once at the meeting,Liu Xing said,The next thing is still going through the formalities,Some inconvenient to disclose。What do you still ask?”
It’s not surprising why Peng Changyi didn’t know,Even Lu Hui don’t know the details。He was very angry,I have never seen such a job,He said:“Didn’t these plans come up for a decision??”