Shen Huan’s inner activities are very rich,The expression on his face has not changed。

“Your ambition is really big。”Shen Huan shrugged,“‘The Prince of Love Songs’This title,It’s not that easy to get!”
“That’s what he dreamed of。”Ning Wu said with a smile,“As long as you can give him a song every year, Mr. Lu,He’s content enough。”
“Can’t give one song a year。”Shen Huan shook his head。
“Teacher Lu……”Ning Wu is in a hurry。
“you listen to me。”Shen Huan stopped him,“I like kind people very much,So one song a year is not enough!”
Ning Wu just breathed a sigh of relief,Ecstasy。
Guan Yili was also surprised,Surprised and overwhelmed。
He can’t believe it。
“Get ready!”Shen Huan’s grand way,“Go and work hard to collect songs!Don’t be afraid to spend money!Within half a year,I am here to prepare three songs for him,The rest can’t be bad!”
Ning Wu replied。
His breathing is tight。
Teacher Lu is planning to make an album for him!