At this moment,Ye Tianzong hiccups,Lightly:“It’s boring to ask me directly,Still rely on strength。”

“My mother is rich,But can’t spend it。”
“So lucky,free?Give money back?”
“It seems this shop,We have to come often in the future……”
Chapter Thirty Three People wear horse saddle
And also abducted 100,000 yuan bonus。
Most satisfied,Zhang Chunqin。
When getting up and leaving,Didn’t say much,But that contemptuous look,But as free and easy as a victor reaping spoils。
Let Ren Fengping and others who had been waiting to see the jokes be crushed,Baleful Eyes,But helpless。
Have not eaten,I did not get the Hailong Bay project as I wished.,tonight,They can be said to have lost their wife。