Tu Yuesheng thought about it too,Don’t insist。

at this time,Buyiyi gave a light cough,“I have a bad idea,Don’t know if it’s appropriate。”
“Speak!”Aunt Zhang Fen nodded。
“When you go tomorrow,Just click this。”Buyiyi turned to his aunt,“tell them,if not,Just let their daughter go back to her mother’s house with a big belly,It’s not that men suffer。”
Bu Changwei scolded,“You can think so?Men don’t have this responsibility,Is it plausible??No matter how difficult it is,Can’t let the child be wronged like this??”
Tu Yuesheng was also a little nervous。
“you shut up!”Tu Rumei scolded her husband again,But thoughtful,“You want to use this to threaten them,Let them back down?”
Bouyei:“The more you show that you don’t care about your children,The more you can win the negotiation。What is their dependence?Isn’t it Fang Xing and the child in her stomach??When these advantages are gone,How do they do?”
Zhang Fen nodded without noticing,“Yiyi is a good way,If we are more nervous,Instead, they caught the weakness,Keep making progress。”
“Well,Can do this!”Tu Rulong also agreed。
Although this is a bit unkind,But to deal with such a weird in-laws,He always has no choice but to be honest。