“Can’t,”Staff shaking head,“from now on,All residents in this building cannot leave,No one can be an exception。”

Jiang Li will say more,Liu Qing sighed:“forget it,We can’t embarrass these front-line workers,Follow the rules。”
Chapter Four Seventy Four Embarrassment
Jiang Li is tragic。
When Liu Qing persuaded her to obey the rules in front of the staff,She even thought of catching the face of this old man。
——You are willing to cooperate,I’m not willing!
——You can live with a beautiful woman like a flower,I live with an old and ugly man!
but,She knows she can’t do this。
She knew even after Liu Qing spoke,She has no room for bargaining with the staff。
I have already expressed my willingness to cooperate,She’ll talk about this and that,That seems too unreasonable。
Can only accept this fact。
Both were pulled into a WeChat group。
Their names are all registered,The body temperature is also registered on it。
The body temperature is not abnormal。
The staff also gave them a bottle of hand sanitizer,Let them hurry up and wash their hands。
At this sensitive time,There is nothing wrong with being careful。

It is enough for a little woman like her to hide behind this man!

He sheltered her from the wind and rain,Dominate!
She brought him tea and water,Make suggestions!
This is Lu Yuxin’s ideal way of getting along。
It’s like being in Sichuan that day,Wang Yufei went crazy suddenly,What she did。
I feel very happy when I recall。
I just don’t know how Mr. Luo is doing now……
“Hey,Good two,Could you give me three minutes to do a simple interview with the two?”
I just left school here,The two were stopped by a middle-aged man in the shade。
“You know us?”Wang Yufei asked suspiciously。
“of course,Wang Yufei and Lu Yuxin,I specially downloaded your photos。”Seems to show sincerity,The man took out the photos on the phone and showed them。
It’s not a secret photo,But on the official promotion page,A photo of the two holding a gold medal with other friends。
It’s just that the two were specially tailored。
“I am a reporter from Inspur News,My last name is horse,Because when I was born, white clouds happened to float in the sky,So my dad named me……”

Jordan nodded noncommittal.。

NBAPlayers are not just that simple。
In addition to good technology,More importantly, in high-intensity games,Still able to show strength。
at this point,That black mamba on the west coast,And inherited the skills and spirit of his boss Joe。
The more difficult the competition,The harder the time,The more he can burst out of strength,Even super level performance。
There are only such players,IsNBAThe backbone,To be called a superstar。
Of course,This Chinese teenager will definitely not reach this level,But if in high-intensity confrontation,Can also prove their strength,Then he really got inNBAQualifications。
Also at this time,Opponent’s shot,It was replaced by the offense of the Chinese boy。
Five players from the supply side to the defensive side,All retreated to their own basket,Formed an excellent defensive formation。
And the Hua Guo boy did not hold the ball this time,But passed the ball to the teammates after passing the center line。
“This is what he often does。”Osic explained to Jordan,“Usually better chance,He gave most of the team,Then those difficult balls,He is interested,And the hit rate is amazing,Whether three points or two points。”
Jordan Slightly Jaw。
Teammate missed a shot,The opponent grabbed the basketball,Throw it out quickly。
But their players did not receive the ball,But it’s better to bounce,Shen Huan got the ball with a more accurate prediction。
But Shen Huan can’t attack quickly either,Because of the player who failed to tackle the ball,Stuck to him tightly,Want to grab the ball。
Shen Huan leaned on his side,Forced him forward。
Watch him most150Underweight,Actually squeezed the least180Jin’s strong man walks forward,And can’t stop,The people watching the battle couldn’t help but exclaim。
however,The player who made up the defense immediately rushed over,People slapped the basketball before they got it。

On the field,Cheers are already shaking!

In the ears of the Pacers fans at Bankers Life Arena,Now all home teamDJHoarse cry。
Each of them admires passionately looking at the player on the court who stretched out three fingers to the sky。
The player who is like a god in this game!
The Heat fans in front of the TV were silent。
The Heat performed very well in this game。
From the start of the game to the present,The Heat players are also very good。
This highly anticipated game has always been in suspense。
As usual。
Facing such a game, the team is in excellent condition,Players perform well,When the game is still unclear,Their emotions must be the most exciting,Craziest time!
Quiet as a chill?
They are fans of Miami!
They are the league’s triple crown team!
But now.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw pickled peppers that he tried to delay but was thrown away,Seeing the hero who blocked the shot just now, Tucker is running back,Saw Miles running hard but falling behind the Cavaliers players,Seeing the roar is like a furious McGee.

Although just incompetent and furious。
becauseTTKeep him behind,On physical fitness,TTIs going to surpass McGee。
Not to mention,TTYounger。
Teammates are working hard!
The fans in the stands have stood up,They didn’t say anything,No action,Just clenched both hands and ten fingers,Like a devout believer。
They are praying!
They are praying for the walkers、Praying for Xu Xuan!
Xu Xuan only felt that his chest was about to burn,Like a furnace about to explode,Even the breath becomes hot and tingling, God testifies,He is so tired now!
He is fighting!
He is betting!
Property bar,That Russell·Westbrook’s physical talent is shining!
Almost advanced。
Just advanced,The attached recovery effect can wipe away all the exhaustion accumulated in Xu Xuan’s body.!
Is equivalent to saying,Once advanced,Xu Xuan will recover“Factory settings”。
Start over。

“What do you want to do to dad,I advise you to cancel this idea。”

“dad,Let’s kick Lin Zhicheng out of the house!”
Lin Zhiqiang said eagerly。
Unexpectedly, my father Lin Dexuan was still unmoved,Look from left to right like a child。
Lin Zhicheng smiled:“Dad got a stroke,Can’t speak,Can’t walk,All company matters during this period will be handled by Lin Zhihao,Lin Zhicheng takes care of the housework。”
“You can go back。”
Lin Zhicheng said coldly。
Lin Zhiqiang took a breath。
Really despicable。
Of course Lin Zhicheng didn’t kill his father。
But even more,He didn’t know what method was used,Make my father speechless,Plus the inability to walk,Discomfort,Writing is also very difficult。
Thus,Lin Zhicheng’s thoughts,Lin Zhihao’s intention,Will become the command of the Lin Dexuan Patriarch。
“Lin Zhicheng,Don’t forget your roots,Are you too much!”
“I’m too much?Haven’t I been serving my father this time??What are you doing again?Aren’t you lying on the bed?How come to the end,Become me too much?”
Lin Zhicheng was surprised that Lin Zhihao’s injury suddenly improved。
In Lin Zhicheng’s heart,Lin Zhiqiang can only maintain the IQ of a child for a lifetime。
but,To be honest,Even if Lin Zhiqiang is injured now,The trend is gone,He can’t help Lin Zhicheng。
Lin Family,Really become Lin Zhicheng and forget it。

After taking a look at Huo Yuhao, he said“Yuhao,Then I’ll go one step ahead!”

Stop talking,Incited the wings to disappear……
Huo Yuhao smiled,“I won’t lose to you”
immediately,He directly displayed the Tang Sect secret skills,Ghost!
The whole person rushes towards the island in the lake like a phantom……
Not for a while,Wang Dong slowly fell from the sky to the island in the lake,Staring solemnly at the scene in front of you……
I saw that the entire lake island is constantly erupting with terrifying white ripples,Just looking far away,Wang Dong also felt the extreme pressure……
After a while,Huo Yuhao has also rushed to her side,When he felt the throb of the whole lake island,I couldn’t help but wipe the cold sweat from my forehead……
How strong is Xiao Yu’s limit?
Even if I have reached the soul sage,The spirit rings are even more than 100,000 years old,I also felt crushed and suffocated here……
Tianmeng ice silkworm slapped his mouth“Yuhao,This man is still terrible,Fortunately, the misunderstanding between you is resolved”
Bingdi agrees“Yes,Compete against people with this talent and strength,Even if you try your best, you may not be able to catch up to one percent of the latter!”

“Do not,Is not,very、like very much。”

Won’t it be fake??
I’m your cousin!You just assign me a job like this。
I even bragged yesterday,I will be an executive tomorrow,What do you let me do now?
Ruined,I guess I’m going to be slapped this time。
“You like it,I’ll let someone arrange a job for you。”
Lin Yu finished,Step into the company hall。
And behind,Dunkin lowered his head,I dare not even look up,Staring at me in the distance,Xiong Yuyu who wants to say hello to herself。
Especially wait a while,I will arrange a job for you。
Now wait a while,Have to wait until I get promoted。
But I want to be promoted,Then you have to wait until the year of the monkey?
Precisely because of this one,Where is the face now,Look at Xiong Yuyu who is looking at him in the distance。
“I remember you seem to be new here?

This golden necklace was worn on her snow-white neck,Immediately look radiant,I sincerely praised:“Sister,Gold chain to send red powder,Fragrant car with beauty,You are so beautiful!”

Listen to me praise her,She is happy,I want to test how generous I am to her:“How much is a gold necklace worth?,I want to please me!”
“no problem,As long as you like it!”I readily agreed,Did not hesitate at all。
She said again:“You know my family is pretty good,Ordinary cars can’t meet my needs。”
I have1000Laiwan,I am also afraid that she will have a limited edition sports car,Tens of millions at every turn,Then I’m embarrassed when I say big things,Added:“I am clear,control in500I can do anything below 10,000!”
Recommend the new book of city god old Shi:
One eight、One person can ascend to heaven
Fang Xianjing looked at me in shock,She didn’t believe what I said,I miss her the daughter of a billion-dollar family,I can’t say I can use the funds I have500Million in cash,She really can’t figure out how much money I can spend,My luxury car must be paid in installments when she wants to come。
She snorted:“Junior Brother,I didn’t expect you to talk big,My face is not red and my heart beats!Your family is so rich,You can stay in that poor third-rate school?”
I am too lazy to explain,Smiled:“Sister,You do not believe,We will buy it today,alright,as long as you like it,I will satisfy you。”
Although I still don’t believe,But Fang Xianjing was just testing me for treating her,The result is still very satisfactory to her:“OK,I have a lot of luxury cars,I need you to buy it!But I’m really curious about what your family does?How did you give birth to a prodigal son?,If you don’t tell me, I will investigate by myself。”
Oh shit,This chick is still aggressive,I believe in her character very much,Helpless way:“Sister,No need to check,I tell you!My parents are ordinary laid-off workers,I earned my money when I was in college。”
See her staring at me incredibly with eyes wide as copper bells,I added:“do not worry,I make money by doing serious things,Did not do anything illegal。”
Fang Xianjing’s heart is intricate,Randomly greeted me and left.。
After returning to the dormitory,She thinks about it,Still feel like hearing,seeing is believing,So she called the Queen’s Lawyer at home,Ask him to check my information。
Hung up the lawyer,Her heart can’t be calm for a long time,Because what I said to her was absolutely right,My parents are indeed ordinary laid-off workers,And my college was mediocre,My magic is from5I went to Aomen at the end of the month,When I went there, my card1000Multiple pieces,When I came back, my card was almost too much2000Ten thousand。
The lawyer’s words are still vivid:“He should have gone to Aomen to gamble and get rich,This shows that he may be a master of gambling,And after he comes back,Transferred immediately800Million toGGOn the company’s public account,andGGThis is when the company began to develop rapidly,Just a few months,It is conservatively estimated that this investment has doubled。I don’t know if these are his luck or strength,I can only say that this person is amazing。”

Needless to say far away,“There is heaven,Suhang”Such words,Has been circulating for thousands of years。

Take the current Internet era,Lin’an also owns two of the eight major groups。
One is the second-ranked Abao Technology,This is almost a giant that has built the first platform for online shopping,Has more than50%Total retail and wholesale。
Used to be in a province,As long as you can possess50%,Can be called industry giants。
Today’s Internet Age,Nationwide50%What a huge market share,Conceivable。
If it weren’t for the Changjiang Group’s Jingtong.com to counter it,I’m afraid Abao.com can reach70%The above market share。
That is, Abao.com didn’t do it at firstB2COwn online store business,Otherwise, the current number one won’t be the turn of Shanhai Group.。
Lin’an’s second pride,It’s Shining Technology。
That is, the group that owns the largest video site Youyi.com in Asia and the world,It is also plagiarizing Shen Huan’s creativity,Made a mountain.Walled version“Lightning boy”Laihe Shanhaiwang“Meteor girl”Porcelain company。
Video site,Not invented by Shining Technology,But American。
Only after arriving in China,Was quickly absorbed and imitated by a group of companies in China,Thus formed its own style。
Shining Technology’s Youyi Network,Is one of the best,Good operation mode and forward-looking vision,It helped Shining Technology become the eighth largest private group in China,have1200Billion dollar market value,Can be said to be very abnormal。
Although not as good as Abao Technology,Keshine Technology is in its own market segment,Still ahead of all competitors,Including European and American video sites。
They are only No. 1 in Asia,But in terms of scale and number of users,No company can surpass them。
Only one thing,Shining Technology in the past year,Encountered a strong challenge from Shanhai.com。
Shanhai.com entered the film market and TV drama market earlier than them,Needless to say,《love letter》Issuance is also a magical stroke,This is still past。
Just say the last six months,Shanhaiwang is a full-scale outbreak,I have directly crushed Youyi.com in the first year or two,Become the world’s number one posture。
They first made《Gift in Room 7》the film,This is currently the best-selling book in the world,Has long gathered a lot of popularity all over the world,The movie version is of course the most concerned。
Even if《Gift in Room 7》Do not make money,Its awards and attention,Absolutely essential。
In fact, the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival,The highest award at the Busan International Film Festival,Have proven this。