Peng Changyi said:“Director Hou informed me just now,Go to the party school for training next Monday。”

Wang Jiadong didn’t look up,Just hum。
“Work appraisal for that half year?”
“Proceed as usual。”The minister still didn’t look up。
Peng Changyi has nothing to say。In other words,Work still,Training too。Peng Changyi is about to leave,The minister said:“Not enough staff。”
Peng Changyi turned around,I found that Minister Wang was still looking down at the table,He walked a few steps and said:“I heard that some places in the south have set up assessment offices。”
“They have someone,We are short of cadres now。”The minister was not surprised by the news he provided。“Conditions are ripe in the future,We can also set up an assessment office。Before it was established,What are you supposed to do。”
Peng Changyi felt that it was a stupid practice to tell the minister about this new thing.,It will give the minister the illusion that he feels that his work is under pressure。
Ugh,No matter how close you are to the leader,Even if you’re close as a family,Don’t think of yourself as an outsider。Don’t be self-righteous,Smart。Things you know,Leader knows,things you do not know,Leaders also know。Sometimes he can pretend to be blind、Pretending to be deaf or even dumb,but,If you really treat them as blind、Deaf or even dumb is a big mistake!
Lenin said:political,Is a science,Is an art。In Peng Changyi’s view,Get along with the leader,More of a science,An art,And this science and art is much higher than you get along with your colleagues。
Do not know why,From inspection list to notification of gold、Yao Bin came to the Organization Department,Peng Changyi seems to be aware that there will be some changes in the political circles of Kangzhou。of course,Change every year,But he feels it seems to have come earlier this year。It may also be the reason for the change of term,It may also be the cause of Beicheng。
Peng Changyi likes to speculate about changes in the current situation in his heart,And like to judge based on some phenomena,He is actually consciously developing his ability to observe and judge the current situation,He always thought,Mix in officialdom,This kind of political sensitivity must have。
Qian Shouwang has arrived,He picked up the thermos and said:“Why is Xiaoding coming down so late recently??”
Peng Changyi frowned,He wants to say whoever stipulates that the water must be beaten?But he always leaves room for the other party,Because he knows that in the officialdom,Leave room for the other person when talking,Is to leave room for myself。Just say:“Girls have a lot of things in the morning,I have been drinking water for several days。”
Old money,Just don’t say anything,Head down to fetch water。

Xia Jihan pretended to say easily:“I’m listening to you?I don’t know the hospital I’m going to,You have been investigating for so long anyway,I won’t bother。”

“Ok。now it’s right,You have to absolutely trust your husband。Just lili,Any hospital,It can treat both good and bad diseases,Maybe tomorrow you will meet many patients like Annie。Americans are very enlightened,Maybe Peter will give you a bear hug,This is cultural difference,you……”
Xia Jihan raised his head,Reached out his hand and covered his mouth,Said:“Lord Guan,What do you want to say?Why can’t it be so long and long,This is not your speaking style?Are you worried that I will be hugged by another man tomorrow or are you afraid of seeing those patients,rest assured,All I got is a benign tumor,It’s not cancer。Besides, when I was hospitalized with my dad in Shanghai,,I have seen many such patients,Not afraid at all”She finished,Squeezed his chin by the way,Put his head under his armpit again。
Guan Hao feels relieved when she says this,But what he didn’t expect is,Xia Jihan had long doubted about his illness,He speaks so cautiously that adds to her suspicion,Originally the tumor center is the treatment of both malignant and benign tumors,Why bother him to explain?This is common sense。but,She doesn’t want to cause greater psychological burden and pressure on her lover,Just said that just now。
It’s superfluous to think about it now。
If this is a hospital,It’s better to say this is a garden-style hotel。The American flag and the hospital flag are waving in the wind under the blue sky and white clouds。waterfall、lawn、Squirrel and flowers,It feels like a big garden here。Because Xia Jihan’s eyes are always chasing the two squirrels on the lawn,Guan Hao took the opportunity to hold her hand,Talking squirrel while walking,Soon he entered the first floor lobby of the hospital。
Guan Hao immediately felt the difference between this place and the domestic hospital。There are sofas in the hall、coffee table,Flowers decorate every corner,And table、table lamp,Convenient for people to write and rest。Like Feng Chun said,I can’t smell any potions here,Only the faint fragrance from the flowers placed in various places。
They were led into a consulting room by a beautiful blond female staff member,Not too long,A medium build、wearing glasses、A middle-aged man of Jewish descent walked in,He is david?Peter。
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“Mr. Ye。”

Monitoring completed。
Ye Tianzong is considering the treatment,The sisters have entered the house。
Two smiling faces,Especially Song Hyea,Overjoyed,I couldn’t even close my mouth,Grateful:“Mr. Ye,About my sister,Thank you。Not only gain a foothold in the store,And also get a promotion,That commission,Solved our urgent need,otherwise,How is my mom now,No one knows……”
“Yes, Brother Tianzong,My sister’s affairs in the restaurant are also thanks to you,You are really the lucky star of our family,I……”
“All right,Those are unnecessary to say。”
“Help by the way,Not so exaggerated。”
Ye Tianzong waved his hand,Said:“just,I’ve seen Auntie’s sick。”
“Difficult and not difficult,It’s just that you two tell me the truth。”
I heard Ye Tianzong’s words,The sisters are full of question marks,Puzzled:“What does this have to do with us?”
“Of course there is。”
“Medicine can only cure the body,Heart trouble can eradicate heart disease。In other words,Aunt’s disease,I need heart medicine,prior to,I asked Lingling,Uncle’s situation。At that time, I was thinking that the second uncle is more jerk,Teach him。But now,Aunt’s disease,Need him to contact,In other words,Let her completely let go of her fear of each other,I’m afraid I can be cured。”
“Bang bang bang!”
Too late to ask,Suddenly there was a violent knock on the door。
Song Lingling startled。

Qin Liang said with emotion。

“OK,Don’t sigh,You don’t understand about our women。”
Yang Shiyun said with a smile。
“woman?You women?Did you say something wrong?”
Qin Liang asked with a confused look on his face。
“What did i say wrong?I said we women are wrong?”
Yang Shiyun doesn’t understand either……
“Please,Are you still a woman??You’re still a big girl now,Waiting for you to go home,I can turn you into a woman。”
Qin Liang leaned in front of Yang Shiyun,Whisper。
“you……Your face is too thick, right!So shameless,You can say anything nasty!”
Yang Shiyun’s face turned completely red all of a sudden,“Gritted teeth”Said。
“Shameless?Have it?I didn’t think so,I just told the truth……”
Qin Liang said with a guilty conscience。

“I must act with you this time。”

Yang Shiyun said to Qin Liang firmly……
The new team was quickly formed,There are eight people:Qin Liang,Yang Shiyun,Swallow,Yang Zhi,Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue,Plus two masters who are only responsible for opening the manhole cover in the hydropower department。
“Poetry cloud,Get us some gas bombs,Things like glare bullets。”
Before the operation,Qin Liang demanded。
For the police,These things can be prepared in minutes,then,Qin Liang took these people,Started!
One manhole cover was opened one after another,Qin Liangxian chose,Is a well laid on the bright surface,This is called easy first and then difficult,But everyone knows:These wells that can be seen at a glance,More than half of them won’t be rewarding,Even if the murderer is really hiding in the well,He will also choose to hide in an inconspicuous,In the well that is not easy to be seen。
The action continues,The police and dragon soul fighters who did not directly participate in the operation,Watching Qin Liang’s every move nervously……
“The next manhole cover is on the grass behind the distribution room over there。”
Chapter three thousand and seventy six I went straight to collect the body
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Chapter three thousand and seventy six I went straight to collect the body
A master worker who is usually responsible for managing the hydropower department of this residential community said。
“it is good,Open it next,Thank you two masters。”

“What kind of shit did the grandson give??”

Hu Lai deeply understoodU22Everyone on this“Tortoise grandson”How annoying it is——I don’t even know what he said and did.,Just scolded……
“Korean media:Park Guixian said Guan Xinyan’s absence has no impact on the Korean team。”Gao Ruimin read aloud。
“More than。”Another teammate who also connected to the Internet early said,“Some media asked him whether Guan Xinyan’s absence meant that the Chinese team underestimated the enemy,As a result, he said that the Chinese team is not qualified to underestimate the enemy……This bastard!Even if it makes sense,But shouldn’t say it from his mouth!”
“This thief is too crazy!”
While disembarking and waiting for checked baggage,The team members also gathered to discuss Park Guixian。
What he said in an interview with a Korean reporter,Has quickly spread to the Chinese domestic network,And caused a big controversy on the Chinese Internet。
Just like the trophy event four years ago,Some people scold Park Guixian for being arrogant and arrogant,Some people also said that they are telling the truth,Since it is a fact,What’s wrong?Without a main shooter,Who is the blame?
to be honest,As Sun Gang said,Weak competitive sports is the original sin。You are weak,Then even if you are humiliated,Some people think you are humiliated。
There are also some fans out of dissatisfaction with the candidates for this training session of the Olympic team,Or put it bluntly,Because of Guan Xinyan’s failure to be selectedU22Dissatisfaction,And I think what Park Guixian said makes sense,To think that the Chinese Olympic team was humiliated by opponents is also self-inflicted,What’s so angry?
Is weaker than the opponent,Also the top scorer in the team、The stars are not recruited,What does Shi Wuyin want to do as the head coach?
What Park Guixian said is right,Does the current Chinese team have the qualifications to underestimate the enemy??
Noisy on the Internet is in full swing,In front of the luggage carousel at Seoul Incheon Airport,The team leader, Ran Jiachang, said with a serious face to all the players of the National Olympic team.:“When I took my luggage and went out,Face reporter,Whether it’s Korean or our domestic,No one is allowed to answer questions,Don’t say a word。what’s the matter,Let Shi and I deal with it,Did you hear me!”
Obviously worried about the players being irritated by Park Guixian,To be deliberately provoked by reporters,Head fever and say something that shouldn’t be said。
“heard it!”
Everyone answered like this,But it can be seen that many people are still very unconvinced。
So Ran Jiachang added another sentence:“If anyone is talking nonsense,Disqualify!I’m talking ugly ahead,Don’t blame me for being rude then!Football things football solutions,Don’t learn from others,Otherwise, what is the difference between you and that Park Guixian?”
I heard the leader say that,Everyone has reduced their anger,Waiting silently for baggage claim one by one。
And Ran Jiachang and head coach Shi Wuyin looked at each other.,I have seen the helplessness in the other’s eyes。