Lu Hui says:“Those real estate developers who are not hitchhiking。”

Peng Changyi said:“Isn’t one of them opening wider??Someone else?”
Lu Hui says:“The bigger the opening50Mu’s approval,Those predators don’t even have an acre of approval。”
Peng Changyi thought。
Lu Hui said:“But you don’t care about it,Many of them were introduced by Jinan leaders,Some projects are personally greeted by the secretary,You,Study hard in Beijing。If those real estate projects are built on a large scale next year,The people must be making noise。”
Peng Changyi said worriedly:“I can’t run away no matter what happens。”
Lu Hui says:“If we increase compensation,The people may recognize it。”
Peng Changyi said:“Is the construction area of Yuda Demolition 50 mu??”
Lu Hui says:“Long story,It started with fifty acres,It’s not this number long ago,let me tell you,Not a hundred acres,Is one hundred and fifty acres,Including supporting land,Why don’t anyone say anything at the team meeting today,Because other people and Ben don’t know this。and so,Dongliang scolds his mother behind his back,Something happened and asked everyone to wipe his ass,When there is no accident, no one knows what the situation is。”
Peng Changyi said:“Don’t talk about it now,Let’s stabilize people’s hearts first,In addition, report the results to the province,Don’t forget this,Communicate with me if you have any questions。”
Lu Hui says:“I think you should avoid this,Promised to be shit in the future。”
Although Peng Changyi knows this shit is less subtle,But I won’t say that when my superiors blamed me,If something happens,No one can escape the relationship,He said:“You have to remind you of National Day。”
Lu Hui says:“remind?We mentioned,But they don’t accept it。In addition,Some specific plans are not clear at all,I asked this question once at the meeting,Liu Xing said,The next thing is still going through the formalities,Some inconvenient to disclose。What do you still ask?”
It’s not surprising why Peng Changyi didn’t know,Even Lu Hui don’t know the details。He was very angry,I have never seen such a job,He said:“Didn’t these plans come up for a decision??”

Zou Zijie smiled,Said:“All thanks to the mayor,Without the support you gave me when you were in Kangzhou,I’m afraid it will take a few years to reach my current level。”

Jiang Fan said:“without me,You still enter a well-off life ahead of time。Because of your strength。I saw a talk show about you on CCTV the other day。”
Zou Zijie said:“that’s not me,Interviewed the teacher,I’m so touched by the teacher。”Finished,He is smiling,Scratching the top of his head with few hairs。
Jiang Fan looked at him,Said:“Why don’t you have a few hairs on top of your head??Is it too tired。”
Zou Zijie said:“I do not know,Especially these two years,Seeing hair fall,Fewer and fewer。Maybe the reason for staying up all night。”
“Why always stay up late?”
“I have to go to work during the day,Only have time to write materials at night。I sent it for review last year6Varieties,After four,That kind of text material and picture material must have two fingers thick。All work overtime at night。No time during the day。”
Jiang Fan appreciates Zou Zijie’s dedication,This middle-aged man with a shy smile,In his corn kingdom,Cold and hot,Amphibious swallow,Between Hainan and my hometown every year,Remove breeding,His to society、Sophisticated,Almost idiot。
Jiang Fan glanced around the farm surrounded by red brick walls by troops,Although he helped Zou Zijie rent it,But he came for the first time。He said:“Which piece of land did you pack?”
Zou Zijie pointed to a crop field west of the gate and said:“I wrapped the land,Bounded by the gate,Less than 300 acres west of the gate,It’s all mine。This land east of the gate,Still grown by the army。”
Jiang Fan looked around,On the ground east of the gate,PLA soldiers are farming,He asked:“What are they growing?”
Zou Zijie said:“Mainly dishes,It is said that the food in the canteen of the chief of the army,Most of them are grown in this field,No pollution。”
Jiang Fan smiled,Before Ding Yi came,He eats in the canteen of the head of the army。After Ding Yi came,They rarely go to the cafeteria to eat,Two people cook and eat。
He asked:“How many acres of this piece。”He was referring to the land left by the troops。

At this moment,Ye Tianzong hiccups,Lightly:“It’s boring to ask me directly,Still rely on strength。”

“My mother is rich,But can’t spend it。”
“So lucky,free?Give money back?”
“It seems this shop,We have to come often in the future……”
Chapter Thirty Three People wear horse saddle
And also abducted 100,000 yuan bonus。
Most satisfied,Zhang Chunqin。
When getting up and leaving,Didn’t say much,But that contemptuous look,But as free and easy as a victor reaping spoils。
Let Ren Fengping and others who had been waiting to see the jokes be crushed,Baleful Eyes,But helpless。
Have not eaten,I did not get the Hailong Bay project as I wished.,tonight,They can be said to have lost their wife。

Qin Liang suddenly realized。

“Your figure is also very good,I really can’t see it without taking off my clothes,So your body is so strong……”
Xiaodie really praised Qin Liang,Then the little cheeks started red again……
“So-so,It’s fair enough,Hehe。”
Qin Liang said deliberately and modestly。
It’s weird if he is not in shape……He is one of the best special forces,Years of hard training,I will naturally have a strong body,It’s the same who changed。
“Are you tired?If you are not tired, we will try again!”
Fluttershy is particularly excited today,That restless and excited little heart,Completely uncontrollable state……
“it is good,Willing to accompany,This time,I must beat you。”
Qin Liang said eagerly。
of course,The result of this second match,Qin Liang still lost……
“You idiot!Why can’t even I win,Haha!”
Two wins,Don’t want to make Xiaodie happy,After a few jokes,She took the lead in fighting Qin Liang。
If Fluttershy wins again this time,Is obviously releasing water,So Qin Liang did not show weakness this time,But quickly suppressed Xiaodie’s attack,Then when she was completely beaten by the spray, she couldn’t open her eyes,Qin Liang hugged her without losing the opportunity……
“Surrender,Little Russian beauty!I treat captives preferentially。”
Qin Liang held Xiaodie in his arms,Proudly issued a declaration of persuasive surrender。

“Lie to me you are a puppy!”

Yang Shiyun said childishly。
Unexpectedly, Qin Liang immediately learned how to bark!The way these two goods show affection is also level enough。
“What you mean by barking a dog is to tell me you actually lied to me, right??”
Yang Shiyun suddenly became very smart,I reacted immediately。
Qin Liang was immediately amused and laughed,If Yang Shiyun this little girl is cute,,That’s the kind of existence that the world is invincible。
“What a little laugh you!Am I wrong??”
Yang Shiyun continues to question Qin Liang。
“Can you not be so cute?You are so cute,Ha ha。”
Qin Liang smiled so brilliantly。
“You are so hateful!Hurry up and cook your meal,Stop playing!hate!”
Yang Shiyun replied immediately……

“.”Yuze has nothing to say。words,I really made my sister absolutely absolutely。My dear begged him so,What else does he have to say?!!!

Xie Yunchu.I really know Qinbao too much。
Directly take your true heart,Cut out,Hold it in front of my treasure,Over and over,Let your relatives watch,Just poke,Trample,As long as my baby is happy,He doesn’t care。Because he knows,Qinbao is very kind,Especially good kids who know how to be grateful,Even if Jinbao can’t respond to his likes,Will also like him,Treasure it up。This is what Xie Yunchu wanted,He is in the heart of his treasure,Planted a seed.
This,Is it,Wait for the flowers to bloom.
Yuze really admires Xie Yunchu。His affection for his treasure,indeed,No matter how hard someone can surpass。
He is also passing through the mouth of his relative,Convey his determination to them。
Yuze glanced at Ou Zhaozhao,And then nodded to Qinbao,“I can a little less hate him,but,I still have to tell the truth,You are the treasure in my heart,Is the treasure of everyone in the Ou family,In our heart,No one is worthy of you。”
Baby Ou grinned,Sister control, just tell me,“Natural nature,I’m the treasure。”She stillbugWhat~~~
After the Ou family,I told Ou Baobao collectively,You can allow Xie Yun to show his thoughts。
Baby Ou is very happy,She just wanted to make it clear to her family。after all,The family’s rejection of Xiaoyun,She can’t feel it。Is she the most likely boyfriend candidate?,Always let the family accept him,This is for family problems that may arise in the future,All help。
And Xie Yun is here,Also after going home,I confessed my heart with my parents,And what he hopes the future will look like。
Yan Xihe was stunned,“You admitted directly,I thought you had to wait until you were seven and eighty,Will admit it!!”
“.”Xie Yun got a big tic tac toe directly from the corner of his forehead,Popped out。
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Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“How capable is Changyi Peng,Others don’t know,Don’t you guys know?I have no ability at all,Get rid of、Courageous,I really don’t have any skills。Things made me catch up,Just let who catch up,No one can do worse than me。and also,I am not delegating power,I am really worried,Worried about another incident like Niuguantun,In that case, the trouble will be big!”

Lu Hui says:“Sometimes it’s nice to be a bystander。”
Peng Changyi said:“I’m afraid there will be no bystanders at that time,I’m afraid we all have to fight the board。”
“But not so,What can you do?”Lu Hui asked him this question again。
Yes,Not so,What can?Peng Changyi sighed helplessly。
Lu Hui said again:“You see you come back so long,Neither of our brothers had a chance to chat together,but I know,I just won’t be near you,Others will think I am your person,You Peng Changyi won’t take me as an outsider,I think I have a clear conscience。That day,Yao Bin is back,A few of us drank,He didn’t drink less,I sent him home,in fact,He is also full of grievances and suffering,Maybe he drank too much that day,A word repeatedly told me,Chang Yi misunderstood him……”
First207chapter See ex-wife again
Peng Changyi disagrees a little,He snorted in his heart,Did not speak,But looked elsewhere。
Lu Hui continued:“When i say this,I know what you think,Otherwise, I’ll be your dude for so many years in vain。”
Peng Changyi smiled。
Lu Hui went on to say:“I know,You will have different interpretations of Yao Bin’s words,But on Yao Bin,You promise to misunderstand him。”
Peng Changyi said:“I do not have,Really do not have,He is a normal promotion,I won’t be a bastard to the point where I don’t let people go out to work?Say again,I want to stop,Can i stop?Jiang Fan didn’t want Meng Ke to leave?Later, when I heard that Meng Ke was promoted,Can he stop?”
“Don’t take it too far,We are talking about Yao Bin。”Lu Hui reminded him
Peng Changyi said:“Same goes for Yao Bin,I didn’t go to Qingping to see him ignorant,Otherwise,I don’t think I misunderstood him。”
Lu Hui says:“I know that,Although you didn’t say,But I explained to Yao Bin,I said Changyi is very disgusted to see how you do it in series,Rest on my head,I’m not going to see you anymore。How can the government team go?,Municipal Party Committee go again,NPC go again,Even the CPPCC will go again?originally,The municipal party committee is a whole,All included,What do people in Qingping think?and so,Changyi should not go。”
Peng Changyi said:“Ha ha,Not exactly that reason,Later, I received a notice to go to the party school, right??And I was walking in a hurry,Admission letter received on Friday afternoon,Standing Committee on Saturday morning,Reported on Sunday,Really run out of time。”
Lu Hui smiled,Say:“okay,What do you think i don’t know?”

“Want to。”The man nodded repeatedly。

“Rent for 20 yuan per game,Deposit fifty。”
So the other party followed him back to sweep the deposit and rent。
When coming out again,Holding a football in his hand。
Feng Jie didn’t follow it,He returned to his seat behind the counter,Take out the phone,Plan to continue playing games。
as expected,They lost the previous round。
His teammates not only hurried Zuan words to him on the channel, but also reported him to hang up……
“Fuck!”Feng Jie raised his head and looked at the football field outside the window,At the same time he cursed。
The two culprits are on the court。
But he took a look,I couldn’t take my eyes away。
He saw the football fall from a height,And the girl who he thought didn’t understand the ball gently raised her toes,The football that fell was firmly sandwiched between the face bone of her calf and the back of the instep.。
What a joke……
Feng Jie’s eyes widened。
A ball that fell so high,Didn’t even make preparations,Toe up like this,Just stopped the football……Are you putting glue on your shoes??!
The things that left him stunned continue。

Playing game,Seems to be very hot recently……King of Glory?

Looks a bit dangerous,Not much blood,He is irritable。
Even the tone of speech is wrong。
Ye Tianzong didn’t think much,Young man,Get upset,Normal。
He stands by and waits。
By the way, I looked around。
Rows of shelves,Various medicinal materials are placed inside,Almost Ye Tianzong could think of,All within sight。
in the middle,It’s a door,The inner courtyard extends directly inside,Generally this kind of store design,Is the front sale,Back courtyard。
Under observation,From**,Vaguely heard some coughing,It seems that things are not so good。
In thought。
Was interrupted by the sound of something falling。
Ye Tianzong is back,Take a closer look,The young clerk slammed the phone on the table,Very angry。
Red face,Still thinking about it。

Yang Shiyun can’t help but speak,Look at Qin Liang’s appearance, this is the rhythm of going to bed!

“Didn’t you acquiesce in the bridal chamber with me??Why don’t I go to bed with you??Really,I have to ask such an idiot question。”
Qin Liang has already taken off his shoes,Turned over and really went to bed!
“I did not acquiesce!I didn’t promise!”
Yang Shiyun panicked,Don’t care about anything,Sitting up and turning over, I want to run under the bed。
“Where to run,Bride。”
Qin Liang grabbed Yang Shiyun back,Then I hugged her and lay down on the bed。
Yang Shiyun won’t move if he’s nervous……
Qin Liang sat for a day,My waist hurts,He just wanted an excuse to lie down in bed for a while,of course,By the way, holding the big breasted beauty beside you in your arms will make you lie more comfortable。
“I’m tired,Lie down for a while,Let’s go to the bridal chamber in a while。”
Qin Liang said like the truth,But the current situation,Everyone will believe it,I thought he really wanted to do that with Yang Shiyun。
Yang Shiyun didn’t even doubt Qin Liang’s words at all,She feels that she is in danger today。
Her mood has never been more complicated,The man in front of you is someone else’s husband,But at the same time the only person I love,She is willing to do anything for him from the heart,Even at the critical moment,Willing to sacrifice himself for him,But she never thought about having that kind of relationship with him。
She feels she can’t do that,So being yourself makes you a junior……
But if Qin Liang insists,Can I refuse him?
The key is;Would you really reject him?!