He can barely squeeze a smile,Congratulations from colleagues。

He also watched this show,So he can understand the reaction of his colleagues。
But this can only make him more entangled and depressed。
Shouldn’t I stop him from playing football?
He actually has a talent for playing football,It’s more suitable for walking this way than my father?
The coach of the school team said on the show yesterday,To make up for the ten-year gap with others,Hu Lai is very hard and desperate in training……If I let him go to professional football training since I was young,Will he take this road easier??
So I’ve always been wrong?
This series of rhetorical questions made Hu Lixin extremely painful。
As a person who firmly believes that he is for the good of his children,Consider for children,A true father,Facing such a reality, I feel that the Three Views will be broken into pieces。
If he hadn’t seen his son’s goals in the Chinese League,He was really beaten to death and didn’t believe this kid he had seen growing up with his own eyes,It only took three years of training time,From a layman who can’t play football,Become a qualified professional player。
Hu Lai is rising too fast,Too early to fame,This makes him feel unreality。
I always think something is wrong,Is there something being overlooked。
Because it stands to reason,This kind of thing shouldn’t happen。
In terms of Hu Lixin’s life experience and experience,He can’t understand the fact that his son’s rocket rise。
For an adult with a fixed outlook,It’s really not that easy to change the mindset。
So when working this day,Hu Lixin is a little confused,Mind doesn’t seem to be at work。
In the eyes of his colleagues headed by Lao Fan,Hu Lixin’s performance is quite normal。

Apart from Shen Ruoxi in this house,Beyond Shen Ruoxue,Almost all other girls,All because of“Dragon Soul Warrior”Live in,Of course, everyone got along with the Shen family sisters and became close friends.。

。Nine Heavens God Emperor
Chapter two thousand and thirty The 13th Sisters of the Dragon Soul!
Chapter two thousand and thirty The 13th Sisters of the Dragon Soul!
But Qin Liang must care about this in his heart;So as long as he spends most of the time at home,He is doing his best to make everyone in the family happy,He wants to make sure that there is always happiness in this home,Happy overall atmosphere,This is not easy“error”,The thing he fears most,It’s the conflict between the girls!But luckily,So far;It has never happened before……
“If you say that,I won’t be with you,What you said makes sense,Hehe。”
Murong Shan’s mood is no longer tangled in an instant,Said to Qin Liang kindly,This mood changes faster than a child’s face!of course,She also deliberately“Make waves”To cooperate with Qin Liang。
“Thank you Sister-in-law for not caring about me,Let me go,Ha ha。”
Qin Liang immediately expressed his gratitude to Murong Shan when he got off the donkey。
“I don’t care about your wife’s face。So if you want to thank,Just thank your wife。”
Murong Shan directly gave Shen Ruoxi a favor。
“My wife will thank her in private when I look back,Do not worry。”
Qin Liang deliberately answered Murong Shan respectfully,He gave him steps and face,He naturally wants to compliment Murong Shan,“Mulberry,Peach and plum”This truth,Qin Liang understands,And did a good job。
“Obviously you two are struggling with a problem,In the end, I became the key to this problem.……”
Shen Ruoxi casually sighed with emotion。
“Because you are the person who talks to the Shens,So as long as it is related to the members of the Shen family,I will blame you in the end,Hahahaha……”
Qin Liang replied with a proud smile。
“Oh,So speaking of it, I’m just a guy who can do it?”

Chapter One Hundred and Fourteen Hot

Family with filters,I always think she is cute。But also worry about her dull personality,Not conducive to social.
Baby Ou feels at this moment,Family should not worry about her social skills,Should be worried about her psychological problems。
She seems to need to see a psychologist。
For the first time facing this strange anger and tyrannical mood,Baby Ou is really helpless。
She knows she shouldn’t anger others,Can’t use it,Vent your anger on innocent people,But she really can’t help it.
“Jiao Yuan, you and Nini go first,I have something to say to Xiaoyun.”
Yin Nini nodded,I walked away from Jiao Yuan, who opened his mouth and wanted to talk。Struggling,Jiao Yuan didn’t dare to stay。
Because this way,Qinbao is indeed getting silent。Seems to be in a bad mood,This is how they grew up together till now,The first situation。
Xie Yunchu plans to speak for a while,Now Qinbao takes the initiative to speak,honestly,Although he is worried about his relatives,But feel a little happy。
This is the first time that Qinbao has such a low air pressure,And in her unusual state,The first person to find,It’s him。
Ou Baobao took Xie Yun out to a step,Sit down anywhere。
Xie Yun took out the kettle and poured her water,Baby Ou gave his kettle to Xie Yunchu。Her kettle is filled with water from her mother。
“My elder brother is indeed injured。I suspect,He grew up,In that home,Suffer this all year round**Hurt on。I think,Mostly Bai Ling。And a kind-hearted person like her,In order to cover up his evil deeds,Sure means,Big brother will only suffer from her twice。”
Baby Ou didn’t hide it,Speaking of which,Clenched fist,“Xiaoyun,I now,Really,There is a volcano in my heart about to erupt,I’m still angry,So angry,Want to smash something.But I don’t want to be like this,So I am really uncomfortable now.It seems to be crazy,Half ice and half fire.I was nosy,I thought of when my eldest brother was tortured by Bai Ling,I don’t know if anyone is nosy,Help big brother.”
“I know this is just a vent,I shouldn’t be like this,But I really didn’t control it.”Baby Ou is very pitiful asking for help Xie Yunchu,“you,You help me,How am i right now,To channel out this strong anger?Can vent,Without hurting myself,Won’t hurt others?”Follow along,“I don’t want to smash things.But I just wanted to crush that persimmon.You help me.”

“I know,I can pinch and count。”Peng Changyi said mysteriously。

Ding Yichi smiled,Say:“What do you say to me?”
“If i guess right,The reason why it is not convenient for you to go home is that there is no way to house the little guy in your dorm。”
Ding Yi looked at him in surprise,Then pretended not to understand:“what……brat?I don’t understand you。”Said to leave。
Peng Changyi said:“I can find a place for you to foster that little guy,Promise not to let it suffer。”
Ding can’t hide it anymore,Face is a little red,Said:“Section Chief,you……How did you know?”
Peng Changyi smiled but didn’t answer。
“Did Wang Yuan tell you??”
“Wang Yuan?Is not,I haven’t seen him。”Peng Changyi stopped smiling,Ding Yi really had a relationship with Wang Yuan。Just say:“Are you worried about not letting it get on the bus??If you rest assured,I can foster it in my house when I go home。”
Ding Yi hesitated,Said:“talk later,I called my brother just now,If brother goes home, we can take his car home。”
Peng Changyi said again:“Or you can pack it in a bag,Take to the bus,No one can find it。”
“Brother said no,I still dare not take risks,It would be bad if it was bombed by the flight attendant。”Ding Yi said。
Peng Changyi said:“Or else,You go back with me,At that time, I can watch the enemy for you。”
Ding Yi heard what the section chief said,Seems to see the light,Just say happily:“it is good,If brother doesn’t answer,I’ll go back with the section chief。”
“Ugh,You said you were alone,Why do you raise it,I can’t take care of it。”Talking,Just go through the textbook。
“Brother is afraid of my loneliness,Just sent it to me。Actually since there was one after one,I’m really not lonely anymore。Otherwise, watch you come home from get off work every day,The whole building is almost empty,So lonely……”She said and went out。

“You,Often reasonable,Who said it,He is a luxurious hobby?”Ding Yi is revealing his shortcomings。

“Just because of luxury,I promised to buy him again,Otherwise, the parents would be reluctant to always buy him this。”Jiang Fan said plausibly。
Ding Yi smiled,Said:“I can’t tell you。Have you finished visiting the representative??”
“ended,I’m fine now,Just call you,how,Don’t invite me to sit at your house?”
Ding Yi hesitated,Said:“too late,You still have to recharge,Prepare for tomorrow’s meeting。”
“Are all ready,The only regret is that I haven’t seen you for two days,Don’t you want to see me?”
Ding Yi smiled,Said:“I’ll see you in the evening news,See how you meet with the people’s representative。”
“Is to visit,If it’s an interview, the people’s representative will meet me。”
“Ha ha。”Ding Yi smiled。
“correct,Minister Fan is here this afternoon,He even asked me about you?”Jiang Fan said suddenly。
“Oh,is it?What did he say?”Ding Yiwen。
“I still have something,I’ll talk later。”Finished,Jiang Fan hung up the phone。
Ding Yi smiled,Put the phone back on the TV cabinet,She gave Xiaohu a foot towel,Wiped Xiaohu’s feet,After draining the foot wash,See Xiaohu is holding the remote control to turn off the TV。
She asked:“Little tiger,Ignore?”
Xiaohu put down the remote control,Said:“I want to do homework。”Talking,Put on slippers,Pick up school bag,Walked towards Grandpa’s study。
Ding Yi smiled,She knows Jiang Fan“Material irritation”Worked,Just said:“If you feel bad,I’ll write when I wake up tomorrow morning。”
“No way,The teacher said,Homework must be completed on the same day。”
Ding Yi secretly smiled,I wanted to turn on the TV and wait to watch Lang Zhu’s evening news,I’m afraid of Xiaohu doing homework,She took the socks that Xiaohu took off to wash。
Put Xiaohu’s socks on the heater,Came to the balcony again,Take off the clothes of Xiaohu that have been dried,Fold it on the sofa。

Qin Liang is the person who wants the most face,How come I was so defeated by others this time,Lost such a big person,He was so happy!

Only Murong Shan smiled secretly……
“master,You don’t have a fever?”
Liu Xiaoyun couldn’t help but ask。
“No,I’m so happy,So happy。”
Qin Liang continued。
Liu Xiaoyun made a face。
“Let’s go to Taoist temple together in a while。”
Qin Liang ignored Liu Xiaoyun’s naughty,I said to everyone expectantly。
“How do you know that I am going to Taoist temple today?”
Murong Shan asked in surprise。
“what?Such a coincidence!We thought of going together……”
Qin Liang is not very surprised,He had long thought that Murong Shan knew that his master Yunyou had returned,Will definitely visit him。


Song Min’s words have been unanimously approved by everyone,So Murong Shan’s proposal was approved by a unanimous vote!But they are so naive,Because they just reached a tacit understanding,Daochang Bai has already walked over……
“The four of you go with me,I personally take you to play this game。”
Baek Daochang smiled and told everyone!
So the scene is immediately“dead”Generally quiet,Shen Ruoxi,Murong Shan,Chen Hao and Song Min,Not talking anymore,Everyone’s face is a survivor,Beggar。
“how?All scared?”
Daochang Bai looked at the four girls with sad expressions,But I couldn’t help laughing and asked them a few more words。
The four girls answered in unison,At this moment,Four“goddess”Their reservations and pride have been left behind by them,No one dares to act as a heroine at this time……
“do not be afraid,Actually you can do it,If you dare not try,If you don’t want to fight,You will never know;I can do so many things you thought you couldn’t do。”
Daochang Bai said a few very philosophical words to encourage these four girls。
But the problem is that everyone knows these things,But it’s not that easy to do it!Although these four princesses are not usually spoiled,Pampered master,But after all, they are four soft and weak girls,First contact with things like martial arts,For them,It’s true that it’s a bit weak。
Daochang Bai’s words are over,Four people look at me,I see you,Still no one dared to speak……

“How can I just play in the game??I want to play the main force in the first team!The main force of the Super League!”Lin Zhiyuan said boldly。“I asked,That called‘Strongest high school student’Chen Xingyi and Luo Kai, the first student of the professional team,Also failed to mix in the Super League team,Now they are all strayed to Middle Armor。Then I will be the first to be the main player in the Super League!”

I heard Lin Zhiyuan’s“raving”,Qiu Xinrong didn’t refute him,But smiled。
Because in his heart,Lin Zhiyuan can do it of course。
He has this strength,He is a super genius。
His only problem is to control his broken mouth,After all, this country doesn’t like people who are too ostentatious,Even if this person has the matching strength。
Too blatant and annoying,Also affect the commercial value in this country。
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Seven About the Football Association Cup
Because of Hu Lai’s low-key response,Lin Zhiyuan and his affairs soon subsided。
After all, it’s just a conversation between two young people,And one is a middle-A player,One is a Chinese Super Youth Team player。
Such things in themselves are not worthy of much reporting and publicity。
Everyone pays more attention to on-court performance。
After playing against Youjiang Honglian,The Chinese First League has a rare loose period of one game a week。
No match midweek,But until April 15th,on Saturday,They only welcomed Ning Tian Yongan at home。
This team is the Super League team last season,It’s just that I was demoted in the end,This season to play in the first。
Although it is a relegated team,But a lean camel is bigger than a horse,Yongan is still thinking about fighting back to the Super League as soon as possible,So their staff turnover this season is not serious,It’s still a strong team in China。

Ding Yi closed his eyes obediently,Jiang Fan took off her coat,Take off the scarf,Hang on the hanger at the door,A low body,Hold her in my arms again,Kept holding her to the bedroom on the left side of the living room,Put her on the bed,She just got up,He was pressed on the soft bed。

Ding Yi was surprised,Got up quickly。
Jiang Fan’s hand held her shoulder,Said:“Break,you are too tired,I took your shoes off。”
Talking,I took off her boots,Then I lifted the quilt under her,Cover her,Window screen,Said:“Have a good sleep here,Then i’ll see you off。”
“I am not tired,I go to the outside living room,If I’m tired, I will go to the study to lie down,In addition,There is a small bedroom opposite this bedroom,I can rest anywhere。You have a good rest,Skating is individual work,I guess it won’t be slow for three days。”
Not only did Ding Yi not object,Still very disappointing“Ok”With a。
“Do you want to drink?”Jiang Fan asked。
She shook her head,Looking at his warm face。
“Take off the skirt?”
“Ok。”Ding Yi said,Just take off the skirt。
Jiang Fan helped her take off the skirt outside,Then put her gently on the bed,Re-cover her with the quilt,Said:“Lie down,I’ll call you in a while。”
Ding nodded,Jiang Fan went out,Gently brought her the door。

“what?you know?Why bother……”Aunt Su looked at Luo Ting a little puzzled and said。

Luo Ting was so wronged,Said:“Aunt Su,From small to large,You and Dad gave me everything,You give me everything I want in advance,No one ever robbed me,I don’t know how valuable what I got,But since I was a child, I’ve been stubborn that as long as others grab this thing from me,Then it is valuable,The valuable things should be mine。”
Luo Ting was right,Aunt Su brought her up from childhood,She knows the princess’s character too well。Her toys can not be,But you can’t give it to others,This is neither like her father,Not like her mother。
of course,She has never seen her real father, Aunt Su,It’s just that Luo Ting’s mother mentioned it by chance。
“Aunt Su,Do you still remember the two of us traveling to the south??”
Aunt Su nodded。
Luo Ting went on to say:“After we got off the taxi,Saw a man hugging a woman,You said that the person seemed to be Xiao Guan?I deceived you,Actually that’s him,The man with his arms around is his so-called fiancee。”
Yes,Luo Ting blocked Aunt Su’s gaze at the time,in fact,She didn’t do all this to protect Guan Hao,But to maintain one’s self-esteem,For fear of others knowing that Guan Hao has no place for her。
Aunt Su suddenly understood what,No wonder she is so unhappy in the south,Preoccupied,She originally proposed to travel,But after coming out, she didn’t want to play,And return to Beijing three days in advance,She was still wondering what upset her,It turned out to be because of this。
She suddenly felt that Luo Ting was also big-hearted,I kept it from her for so long,But what Luo Ting said next surprised her。
Luo Ting obviously ignored Aunt Su’s surprised expression,She continued:“After traveling back,I went to Ducheng again,Met his so-called fiancee,It is said that the woman was just discharged from the hospital。”
“Discharged?”Aunt Su asked immediately。Luo Ting went to Ducheng and Aunt Su did not know at all。
“Yes,Just discharged,Her hospitalization is related to Guan,She got a knife。Should be of the kind,It’s just that she didn’t save the city party secretary,But the long-term meal ticket she wants。Later I heard that he was going to be the mayor,I went to Uncle Liao,Don’t let Uncle Liao promote him,But I was trained by the surname Liao。”
Luo Ting dropped her head on the table after finishing。
First200chapter Finally dared to let him see the sun
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Aunt Su’s eyes widened, unable to speak,She was surprised that someone saved Guan Hao’s life,Surprised to find Liao Zhongcheng for Luo Ting!